Clutch – Fricken – Golly




Got the platform up and running.

Finally getting around to taking all of my artwork i’ve created over the years, and turning into products, and goods that everyone can now purchase.

The store has officially been open for 1 week as of today, and i’ve processed over 50 orders as of now.

There is an opening contest.   The first 1000 customers who purchase anything at all will automatically be entered into a random drawing for $1000 cash money.   The contest will be tracked by customers e-mails, or phone numbers they use during the cash out process.

Head over and check it out, and help support this next development of me, and my life !

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Neodymium Magnets – A common use ?

So, after coming home from work a few weeks ago.  I was trying to think of something cool that I could do for my customers.  Something I could either entertain them with, or something they could “play” during their time spent at the counter while their phones where being fixed, or prepped for sale.

I was browsing Amazon like usual, and all of the sudden a magnet sculpture popped up.  My eyes lite right up because I immediately imagined myself playing with magnets, and how much fun and useful they are.   Not to mention that almost every tool that I use in my business has a neodymium magnet attached to it.  Of course the tools are already magnetized, but they’re never that powerful.   I use magnet mats to sort and organize parts of technology onto a flat surface.  The magnetic power of the mats vs the magnetic power of the tools is important for fluidity.   So adding the neodymium magnet to my tools gives the ability to overpower the force of the magnet mat.  Just enough to grab the screws, shields, and other metal containing pieces.

Instead of impulse buying this amazement of magnetic energy that can be turned into a piece of artwork.   I dug into some research, reviews, ect…   The reviews were great, and everyone loved it.  The only downfall is that the magnetic sculpture itself wasn’t that powerful to begin with.  So you couldn’t make long-tall-angular sculptures, you could make blob shapes inherently.

So then the other half of my brain kicked in, and I remembered how I use rare earth magnets to accentuate the already existing power of magnetism in my tools.    So I decided to hop over to ebay, and check out the wholesalers of neodymium small squares.   I purchased 30 of those.

The Magnet’s I Purchased off Ebay

After 4 days I had my sculpture from Amazon, and my neodymium squares from ebay, and that is when the fun experimenting began, but let me tell you.   The “puzzle” is absolutely a blast, and everyone that has come to my counter in the last week has been at first puzzled, then intrigued, then after a few laughs, amazed.   It’s been a great hit, and really didn’t cost much.

People seem to hear the word “rare earth” and automatically assume that it must be stuff that is expensive and useless for normal day to day uses.  As I previously stated my discovery and uses for it in the real world, but truly there are many many more uses.

You can use them to organize knife sets, and other kitchen garb.   Take a look around your office, house, workplace, and creative spaces.   How many metal objects are just laying in piles, or shoved away neatly in drawers?   Exactly.   Now use your imagination, and have fun !.

Part of me wants to fire up my old youtube creator account, and actual do a demo/display of this so it’s easier for people to see and understand !

Anyone else have similar experiences? Am I alone in the world of finding amazing uses out of rare earth magnets. Ultimately I was just super happy to find a way to give my customers something to play with excitedly while they waited, and witnessed their technology being refurbished, ect..

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Reasons to vote for Democrats

… At least my post has content. Instead of blank pages. Click on it, read the reviews. Hilarious. I do not care what political ideologies you “align” with. This is gold, and an absolute representation of the current paradigm we’ve shifted into. To be honest from my vantage point. It seems to me that the “real-liberals” (classical/jeffersonian liberals) have actually Hi-jacked the “Republican” party finally. While the democratic party is plagued with Neo-liberalism, and New age SJW types that are absurd, and no wonder a scratch of a minority in terms of their “populism”. Anyways i’m sure most could agree. All I know is that while President Donald Trump was just a candidate. The Republican, and Democrat establishment together allied with each other in their “hate” and anti-trump message. Most of the American public is now awake to the reality that the “left vs right” paradigm has only lead us down a very dark road of State supported Corporate Socialism. It has been well over 80 years since the raw population of this country has had true liquid access to laissez faire capitalism, which I wholeheartedly endorse. The real Libertarian party has been hi-jacked by neo-liberal/conservatives which the proof is with Johnson, and his VP choice “weld” whose history speaks volumes against the true libertine movement. Those of us that have been dialed/tuned into this reality for the past 20-30 years could see this clear as day since day 1. Anyways Click on the book above and have a laugh. Absolutely amazingly brilliant!

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Half Moon Run – Actual good music.

Just like it was, it appears to continue.

American music is some propped up legacy pop scene that is so washed up, and inverted from actual reality that most actual thinker, imaginative driven people in the real world get sick to their stomachs hearing it. Even if it’s while we are out at the store shopping for a moment, or the car radio (yes some people still use these). Anyways Canada’s music scene “indie pop” is where it’s at.

Half Moon Run should be about as famous as the beatles were in my opinion, but they’re still “cult” only. Which reasserts my belief in the diatribe previously spoken in the prior rant.

I can listen to the entire album in one sitting, and not have a moment where I become distracted, or my mind wanders. It keeps me captivated the entire time, and I think it will you too.

By the way. I will share, and relate as I come across new content in all aspects of the world. Hope some can empathize, share, and discover their own findings. Until then please have a listen and enjoy !

Everyone needs to listen to these guys. Absolute art, and message is real. Love it.

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Nintendo Switch – Zelda – Breath of the wild

So over the last few days I have been debating whether or not to get my girlfriend (11 years) a Nintendo Switch.

I literally have sat on ebay, searched the web, availabilities, release dates.  Even reached out to an old friend that works in Electronics at the local Walmart to see if he could tell me when I could expect one to show up for it’s actual retail price. (They’re on rocket order, but the warehouse is out of stock)

Not only that, but I also can not decide whether I want to get her the Neon, or the Grey. I’m probably going with the Neon, but that part of my mind always questions why bother, and try to figure out taste, inherent value, ect… Sometimes I just don’t know.

To no avail and endless time afforded.  It seems the only way to locate one is through Ebay, Amazon, or some other random site where the price is super inflated.   Now it seems most people are fine with the impulse purchasing of one of these “rare” ones that is currently available through Amazon, ebay, walmart, and other online mega retailers.   I just can’t seem to make my mind up.  As the last few days have passed it really is triggering me because I watch as there were thousands available, now down to just a couple of hundred.   Especially on a site like Amazon.

I’m absolutely going to get her one, and of course her all time favorite, since nintendo’s inception.  Zelda – Breath of the wild.   Her, and myself once or twice a year will break out our old consoles, and go through each of our favorite Zelda releases.  Usually we start with my original Nintendo 64 from when I was just a kid, and play Ocarina Of Time, and then go to the Gamecube, and play Twilight Princess, then to the WII and play Skyward Sword.

We never purchased a WII U because there wasn’t a cultish release that tuned out minds in from the Zelda franchise, but as previously stated.  Breath of the wild seems to have captivated us.

So in the meantime we’ve “borrowed” her older brothers WII U from him, and actually went out and purchased the game, for now.

Anyone else in similar circumstance? I feel like I can not possibly be the only one experiencing this rush of childhood energy based around this console, and particular release.

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Some time has passed. Catching up.


This page once had a lot of effort, traffic, followers, and establishment going for it considering the time and effort I put into it.

With most things in my life since I was a child.  I get captivated by an idea, concept, or notion, and then I immediately attempt to master it, replicate it, and forge ahead.

Some experiments are more successful than others, but something i’ve always wanted to do besides art, writing, and socializing.  Was to create a place where people can come, and get truly unadulterated information.   Pertaining to my absorption of reality.   Whether it’s news, politics, art, paradigm in general.  One thing I can assure anyone of is the fact that it’s me, and there are no external influences.

Over the years I have literally been in the depths of perceived ” internet ” ghettos, and still have managed to forge ahead.

This page, and it’s footprint.  On the blog, and on my linked social media profiles.   I want to garner it as a force for reality.  Products, services, ideas, and another location on the internet where people can escape to, relate to, and empathize with.   WE all have so much in common, and in the current socio-economic environment.  Primarily the narrative shoved down our throats by legacy outlets forces us into more tribalistic ways of thinking.   My main purpose of this blog/page will be to let others know and understand that there are still people in the real world who have enough time and effort to sound the alarm of cohesive reality.   We are all in this together, and in many aspects our combined destiny demands the incarnation of such a place, platform, idea.

I will be focusing more on many different things.  My artwork (which I haven’t created anything new in over 5 years, yeah bad.)  Recovering my artwork, writings.  Hopefully finding inspiration in the pool of humanity.  To carry further ahead, and promote things that will keep all of our minds, and energies open to the ever burgeoning thing we call life.

I want there to be a discussion, chatter, footprint of the ones who land here.  We have a commonality that shouldn’t go silent.  Please feel free to talk, unadulterated, uncensored, about anything and everything that comes to you while reading, and absorbing my content.

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Re-opening my own digital garden.

It’s been years since I was here.

It’s dawned on me that considering the growth it was experiencing, and how my real life functions became more central and focused.  I didn’t have the time to keep the digital garden flourishing.

However that now is changing.   Major life changes have lead to a more comforted existence.

Among the vastness of my ideas, inventions, and dreams.  The cheapest possible one to start actually ended up working out in my favor, and I will speak more on that later.

In this space I will focus on personal, and external issues, concepts, and paradigms.

Ideas, and the seeds I will continue to plant here will hopefully help aid in humanities development as a species that continues to aim high, and results in the stars.


Anyone still around?   Please chime in.   I’m so interested to hear from any of you if you’re still active.


  • Nate

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How to add storage to your Nexus 7

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Egyptian Steampunk

So many of you have seen Steampunk Tut.  I’m happy that you’ve all enjoyed it this far, but now I’m announcing something even bigger.

Welcome to Egyptian Steampunk.   It’s a concept, philosophy, culture, design, brand, and many other great things that are about to come about.  As many of you already know.  A friend of mine, and I are ensuing a Series based around the topic.  Luckily, Another friend of mine let me know that I should go straight to the apex of this concept.  That is the realisation that it is a very pop topic, and deserves its own attainment.  As in websites, Facebook pages, twitter, and other social medias.   Currently the Facebook page is up and running, please feel free to visit and like.   Share with your friends that you know are into the culture of Steampunk

We’re going into overload and should have many more designs coming to fruition soon.  Those of you who already are aware of this new culture, thank you.  To those of you who haven’t heard of or seen Egyptian Steampunk yet.  Welcome.


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Steampunk Tut.

Steampunk King Tut

This is part of the Egyptian Steampunk series that a fellow artist friend, and I are working on in collaboration.   Anything that you see on this site over the next month or two that references anything Steampunk is most likely going to be a collaboration between the two of us.

This image took apprx 8 hours for me to ink, and about 12 hours for him to do the traditional linework.    This is the result.  Also to note:  This is going to be my first tattoo that hopefully will be put on my body within the next 12 months.

Please do not use, steal, replicate, or re-distribute this image without my consent.  Failure to do so will be met with equal justification through administration of copyright law.

Hope you all enjoy.   This is really just a sneak peak at what we’re going to be working on.

For more of our collabs please check these out:

We’re Flying

Mayan Man

A Broken Heart Still Has Wings

Snake (Tattoo Art)

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