BLAH BLAH BLAH! ( Healthcare, stuff thats going on lately)

Anyways, there has been a lot of stuff going on globally lately hasn’t there oh mighty blogosphere?  All the illegals and poverty class (includes me) Now have government ran health insurance YAY @!   One interesting talking point is that if you don’t participate in this government healthcare system than you will get fined $250,000, and spend 5  years in jail.1   Im not sure how much this “government” healthcare is going to cost for each individual, but I hope it’s cheaper than the fines that individuals will get if they don’t participate.

Other interesting note’s: 2012 topics

Anyone have thoughts about all this 2012 rhetoric ?  Does everyone think the maya predicted a super fast pole shift, and the end of current cycle?   If so why,  just like y2k are we waiting until just a year or two away from the event horizon to actually start talking about it?  Hmm.. I could go on about how the establishment has suppressed the technology / information revolution, but I will reamin silent about this for the meantime.  

Or, how about all the other conspiracies… Illuminati, reptilian alien species that have been around since before mankind?  Does anyone ever even think about this stuff or is it just a small amount of individuals who would even want to have the capacity to imagine such things.   Is it true that the Summerians bred with the Annunaki and created your modern man and the cradle of civilization ?   Imgaine if all of these conspiracies had more roots in truth then we all could perceive?  Would you want to even perceive and accept these kinds of realities or just keep living in a neutral state of the majority being monotheistic, and the rest atheists?  

 In my experience most people at first delve in fear of such subjects for the status quo reigns supreme in the frontal lobes of many a kind, even your old school anti-establishmentarians that believe the current liberal movement is a real one.  I laugh at such pity’s for most and all true movements have been hi-jacked by other entities than the original maker’s desires.  I still think out of all these different movement’s of awareness and new age types of perception there are still very basic fundamental control<slavery> mechanisms to maintain our evolution with information and technology completely.   This is some very basic shit, some old guy that said something along the lines of this ” A informed people’s, a free people.  ”  

Well it seems since the people with our new extension (the internet) We have evolved to the next level of perception and awareness.  A lot of people are calling this a new age spiritual movement, or renissance  however i’m calling it life and what’s suspose to be.  Without everything all of us have done to help bring mankind where it is today, there would be nothing. That in itself is enough for me to accept just about anything that has to do with life and turning it into an extension of what we are.  Ever since man created the wheel we’ve been rolling towards certain climax’s and with technology hopefully we can become so aware of everything all at once that we can always see before theres a down spiral or a bubble burst and react preventivlely to end it.  I fear though, for most sheep (ignorant humans) the majority in ranks of power still have not taken the step with the rest of us. 

This is where a great rift is opened in the realm of energies of mankind.  If the establishments and power structures are 20 – 30 years behind the people, how will the people ever be fully free and liberated?  The seperation of ideals and realities is too much to look past.   We must confront this very topic in our generation in order to bring about a more effective system for future humans.  For example.. the millions of cannabis votes that put Obama and his admin in office, and when he got into office he chuckled at the question, and acted like it was a joke.  Funny for him because that actually guarenteed he doesn’t get a second term unless he fully legalize’s before his first term is over.  Which won’t happen it’s not on the agenda, what a joke? 

It is funny, and disturbing living in this reality at this point in time.  All the conditions and extreme’s all trying to layer over eachother all at once.  Who is one person and their administration ? Where do they receive enough power to do the will of all of humanity?  This isn’t true.  Obviously that is why i’m focusing on this imminent problem.   The system establishment must upgrade itself if it wants to still survive into this new age of enlightenment. 

Thats all for tonight please leave comments i’m really interested in talking to more of you !

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2 Responses to BLAH BLAH BLAH! ( Healthcare, stuff thats going on lately)

  1. boblobslaw says:

    Come on blogosphere and great internet innerweb commentors of this new age… what do you think ?!$@#?

  2. boblobslaw says:

    There going to collapse the money system, this is something that is going to happen. Let’s prepare and talk about ways to prepare for this?

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