Call of duty : Modern Warfare 2

Alright, it’s the holiday season and everyone is freaking out about the game of the year ofcourse ! COD: Mod warfare 2.   After playing world at war for the last year i’m officially pleased to say that im PSYCHED that this game is coming out ! 

After surfin’ youtube for a bit for some demo play to see what it’s going to be like I was pleased to find what I found and am looking foward to getting this game.  I hope this time the developer’s got it right, it sounds like they might’ve because they used blizzard ent. Blizzard made my favorite games all of the warcrafts and starcrafts are great games that are hard to pass up… especially if you like controlling army’s.   That reminds me of another great game thats coming out soon… Starcraft II … Google it, it will be a very very serious game i’m sure of it.

So a lot more options weapons, customizations.  You can customize kill streaks and even get a tactical nuke if you get a 25 rec.   Once I get my old handle back i’m going to own the servers again be looking for me ! bk_manifesto

Oh yeah about that Starcraft II check it out

Make sure you get these game’s if your a gamer and rock out they are so damn fun I can’t stop playing !

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