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Woman pissed about peace symbol on wrapping paper?

So if you went to the store and were choosing holiday wrapping paper and you happend to find a peice with the pattern with a ancient peace symbol in the middle of the pattern with four dots around it automatically … Continue reading

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We’re All part of this !

Everyone rather they know it or not,… fat and lazy… small and tall… stupid… smart… are all together in this new war. It is true and has been determined that there is a war on for our mind’s and our … Continue reading

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Destroy the New World Order

There are going to be many ways the New World Order will come to power, and likewise many ways the New World Order will be destroyed. Many different people have many different ideas about how this will happen, time’s date’s … Continue reading

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Fall of The Republic HQ

Hello blogosphere, Another breakthrough most important flick for the current awakend patriots brought to us by Alex Jones. This is most important to show newly awakend patriots to get them tuned into the current paradigm. Description: Show’s how Obama has … Continue reading

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Obama as joker video contest !!

Just wanted to post my video’s I made for infowars.com Obama as joker video contest ! HAHA ! Enjoy all !

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Swine flu, vaccine’s and fun stuff!

Swine flu is an interesting subject today because of media hype and how that effected the populous. First of all I was on the infowar before people even new what swine flu was. Of course when explaining to my friends … Continue reading

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George Soros and the NWO

Today i’m going to do a quick article about George Soros, and what he has to do with this New World Order emerging. George believes that a NWO (Global Governence) is the best way to deal with all the economic … Continue reading

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I’m officially changing the name of the U.S.

It is now United Landmasses of Geithnerville ! and all who don’t like or disagree can peaceably and freely leave the landmasses here anytime!  Bah, anyways im surfing the web at http://www.infowars.com and there are a lot of intelligent people … Continue reading

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