Destroy the New World Order

There are going to be many ways the New World Order will come to power, and likewise many ways the New World Order will be destroyed. Many different people have many different ideas about how this will happen, time’s date’s location’s. However I feel none of this matter because one basic fundamental underlying fact. First of all conspiracy theorists explain how the United State’s military will be used against the citizenry of this country, think again. Theres no way in earth that would ever happen with so many enforcement awakening to the tyranny and joining such organizations as oathkeepers, and local militia’s. The New World Order would already be if it wasn’t for some on the inside leaking information that there was going to be such even plans for this NWO.

The current power structures and establishmentarians use a basic form of incramentalism to usher in their corruption and tyrannical state of society/living. Slowly we are being finger printed, and picture’s taken everywhere. Just think about it, if you’re from New York the next time you upgrade your license there will be RFID technology embedded and theres no opt out. By 2014 everyone with a driver’s license will be easily and readily able to track for the establishment. How about passports? If american’s want to travel out of the country we need to get a passport right? Ofcourse, and the passports are RFID enabled for these basic tracking purpose’s. These few aspects of the New World Order I see coming to fruition as I write this blog today.

As progress is made, there will also be loses. Certain questions come to mind in time’s like this? What about all the american gun owners who bought enough weapons and ammo to arm the chinese and indian armies this last summer? Can you say unintended consequences? Most of my immediate friends and family are away of what is going on, but it’s not like they aren’t losing sleep over it, or anything else for that matter. We have food and supplies and weapons do you and your family? That is precisely why i’m making this blog in an attempt to get some newly awakened patriots pre-pared mentally for what could be inevidible anytime.

Another great way to destroy this New World Order would be to make plans for their destruction without broadcasting it through the interwebs. On the other hand this is our web and our world. Why not fully be out in the open in this new age, and let’s just be clear about everything. With the rate and spread of information which = power is un-surpassed and most likely awareness in itself will destroy this New Age monster for the peoples rebellion.

Stop buying all your products from Wal-Mart and other foreign entities, but hey “they aren’t foreign entities” guess what yes they are. Everything is made in China and there is no arguments going on here. Do like we do and start your gardens and start buying all supplies locally. Even if it costs a few extra cents it will be worth it when SHTF because at least we can count on our neighbors. It’s obvious we won’t be able to count on foreign controlled companies? You know the one’s that out-sourced all of these american jobs to the foreign countries. Wait it wasn’t Wal-Mart that did that , by golly G it was our very own United States Government. Who would’ve thought, but that is the cards we are dealt at this point in time.

Movements that start at grassroots/real person’s levels will be most vital in stepping into the new age. If this world is for we the people and each and every one of us we need to start thinking like we are all one big colony working together for everyone’s needs. I know this sounds kind of liberal in the sense of the current establishment however I mean it to the fullest, like direct democracy where everyone’s vote really count’s. Or how about we just mind our own business and do what we have done for millenia?

Some also think that by ending the fed it will bring about the destruction of this New World Order. Let me tell you I have my doubts about this because if we destroy the fed they will supercede U.S. sovereignty to a foreign central bank? As if it isn’t already like that under the mask of the current central bank (the fed)? I think we should go back to a barter and trade systems and straight up worker can negotiate whatever wage based on how hard the worker works. If I do 2 time’s as much work as you do then I deserve twice the pay (visa-versa), or each worker deserve’s whatever it is that they can negotiate. Would that be a real free-market capitalistic system? Or would the central bankers hi-jack these ideas once again and turn us into slave’s again and again?

Either way it boil’s down to this for me and mine; Spread information and awareness, knowledge = power = control. So if that is true than if the people = knowledgeable the people = powerful the people = in control. If these steps aren’t taken accordingly then it will be the opposite instead of the people with all those perks it will be king’s queens, and whatever they call themselves today,.. Politicians?

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