George Soros and the NWO

Today i’m going to do a quick article about George Soros, and what he has to do with this New World Order emerging. George believes that a NWO (Global Governence) is the best way to deal with all the economic and worldly problems of this new age. He sees markets and huge multi-million/billionaire’s like himself destroying the American markets in order to bring forth this Global Government (NWO). It’s interesting because everyone that is in the infowar right now is focusing on how we are going to bring big time criminals like him and his ilk down. A lot of people think the RICO would be big enough to target companies and such of soros, but one problem is that soros has disversied into so many areas. He has many subsidary groups like and other “progressive liberal” types of associations. Here is a clip where Soros explains how China will lead the world in this New World Order.

I’m also starting to notice how soros and other big time progressive new age changer’s have branded themselves with drug policy reform. This is interesting subject because it is true that the american public is tired of wasting endless amounts of money on the failed drug war. Using creative geo-political organizations that are fronts for legalization/decriminalization is a great way for Soros and elite’s of his kind to try and manifest control over the rage of the populous that desire’s for these initiatives. Some groups that Soros has donated to in the past are Lindesmith center, and the Drug Policy Foundation. The future of this situation is unclear, however the topic of Marijuana decriminalization is gaining momentum in the mainstream outletts more and more on a daily basis. Over the last year three states have passed medical marijuana laws; Maine, The Common Wealth of Massachusetts, and Michigan. Leave some comments on what your position is over this debacle, and what you think George Soro’s agendas are.

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2 Responses to George Soros and the NWO

  1. The Glenn Beck Review says:

    You may appreciate a post I have up about Soros. It juxtaposes his background with Rupert Murdoch’s empire.

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