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NOFX: The Decline (most important song of our time)

The decline by NOFX is a great song for our generation and other generations to come, it explains a lot of societies ills especially about how stupid some of the population has become and how the government and social causes … Continue reading

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Barney frank vows to “wall off” fed from monetary scrutiny, tell’s bernake to brace for impact.

Infowars Barney frank has stated previously that he was going to “wall-off” any attempts at auditting the fed claiming that it being private is what keeps the economy viable, and the apocalyptic fears of what is going to happen after … Continue reading

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Fed cracks down on banks, but is it hard enough?

Cnn money report’s that the fed is banning banks from automatically enrolling customers in overdraft protection programs that automatically charge outrageous fees if consumers go even $1.00 over the account balance. For example: If I spend $5.00 at the grocery … Continue reading

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Minutemen, mexico, what to do?

Reading through the forums on other site’s and browsing through peoples comments I realized there was no coverage of what the minutemen in the southern border between the United State’s and Mexico were up against. First of all this is … Continue reading

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Do secret societies exist? Tom and Jerry cartoons speak too this.

After waking up to the secret societies and the illuminati it is interesting to look back at cartoons and certain programming that we all grew up with and loved. Obviously there are subliminal messages going on in these cartoons and … Continue reading

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Mass amount of U.S. military weapons missing in Afghanistan

It’s not like it is a new concept that the United States government supplies weapons to our enemies before we attack, or already have attacked. According to reports from infowars.com and cnn.com nearly one-third of all procured weapons made in … Continue reading

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It’s Official: I’m writing a book.

The title will be: Inside the mind of the infowarrior, today’s revolutionary. It will have 10 chapters and be 200 pages at the most. I just want to put all my ideas and all the information i’ve been exposed to … Continue reading

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Lou Dobb’s is leaving CNN !

Well “they” removed the lou dobbs quitting CNN video from youtube because of violation of rights, and terms what have you. Anyways, here you can read and watch the full video and read the manuscript. Very very interesting since he … Continue reading

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Pandemic? Where, what, who, when, and how?

This year the media, and government’s alike have been prompt about keeping this “Swine” flu turned back into H1N1 virus in the mind of many a person’s. The main question here is why are they doing this?  To keep the … Continue reading

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