Barney frank vows to “wall off” fed from monetary scrutiny, tell’s bernake to brace for impact.


Barney frank has stated previously that he was going to “wall-off” any attempts at auditting the fed claiming that it being private is what keeps the economy viable, and the apocalyptic fears of what is going to happen after we the people find out what the fed has done with the next two generations that haven’t been born yet tax money?

The fed thinks that if the government audits them then the government will be taking over monetary policy, and that is a bad thing? I thought the power enumerated in the constitution only allowed for our government to coin and issue debt (currency). I really wonder what the fed has been doing that they are so afraid of hr 1207, that is going to find out, perhaps? After the gutting of ron pauls hr1207 I have a feeling all of this End the fed and activism won’t add up to much. The pen is mightier than we are still and with a few senators like barney frank and other federal frontmen the whole bill could be turned into the exact opposite of what its initial intentions were. One basic fear is that if we uncover the monetary policies and prove that the fed has been robbing us blind for offshore banks, that this scenario could actually usher in the central world bank and new world order. There are a lot of speculations but still till this day it fully hasn’t happend yet, so it’s all just that speculation.

The federal reserve has never been out in the public eye and under attack for its innane policies well since it was created back in 1913. Ny times wrote an article detailing how the fed is under extreme scrutiny by not only the people but also a lot of people in government. Bernie Sanders said ” People are frightend, how do you explain how the fed spent two billion dollars on the banks that got us in this mess anyways” Also bernake is going to have to gear up and learn politics, not that this is going to matter. There is too much information and too many people know about these crooks, and yes this is the biggest fraud ever in the history of mankind. It’s a great time to be alive but we must face these issues for the sake of future human beings. No matter how well you know “politics” doesn’t matter, they have fooled us all once or twice, but we will never let them fool us again. It’s over, and the best thing these people (bernake, geithner, and ilk) could do is actually shut their business (the fed) down themselves. I’m sure if they took these steps they would go from 0% approval to 100% approval. Doesn’t that sound like a much better future.

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