Fed cracks down on banks, but is it hard enough?

Cnn money report’s that the fed is banning banks from automatically enrolling customers in overdraft protection programs that automatically charge outrageous fees if consumers go even $1.00 over the account balance. For example: If I spend $5.00 at the grocery and I only have $4.59 in my bank account, the bank will automatically cover the extra money, however they charge against your account for doing this. So the bank covered the extra 30-40 cents I needed, but now I owe them $20.00 for them doing that for me. This is a bullshit scam and banks make tons of capital from these petty mistakes that they set up themselves.

Starting july, 10 2010 banks will have to have their customers opt in for overdraft rather than automatically assigning this program to everyone’s accounts. This is irrelevant because of several reasons. First the federal reserve is no more federal than federal express (yes the privately owned shipping company). The fed is privately owned is a for profit organization. Do you really think they are out to help consumers and make life easy? Well if your in the same boat as me which you probably are since your in America than you must come to the realization that the fed is not our friend at all. Read the communist manifesto and discover how in order to bring about communist dictorial rule over the masses; A government must setup a central bank i.e. The Federal Reserve in order to endebt the masses and turn them into monetary slaves.

Real effective change that should be cracked down on the banks would be something along the lines of, ending the fed, auditting it, drafting new economic platforms that take real people into account instead of the super wealthy and elites. I could go on and on but if you do a quick google of Fiat money (our current system of currency), the Federal Reserve and keynsian economics. One will come to find out that if we aren’t already rich at this point then we are the target of the new forms of slavery and indoctrination the new super wealthy and elites are going to put us under. Ron paul has an Audit the fed bill running through the house right now H.R.1207, In the senate the bill is called S.604 .however the bill has been torn apart from the democratic majority and the most vital parts of the bill have been sacrificed. So now what do we do as a people to put a stop to this?

That is why we must all become super activist’s and spread awareness about what the government, wall-street, and bankers are trying to pull off in this great land. This is America and as the people wake up and become aware that we-ve been duped be prepared for what I like to call unintended consequences.

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