Lou Dobb’s is leaving CNN !

Well “they” removed the lou dobbs quitting CNN video from youtube because of violation of rights, and terms what have you. Anyways, here you can read and watch the full video and read the manuscript.

Very very interesting since he was the only original CNN’er to still broadcast from that news network. In the video Loud talk’s about how he’s going to move on to bigger and better platforms so he can be more productive in a more positive manner. It is most likely because of him taking fire from the “LIBURL” media and underground network of ultra supporters of the new age reality hollywood t.v. mindset. Lou was known for his outstanding stance for LEGAL immigration, and putting an official end to ILLEGAL immigration without using words like amnesty, and other bad words americans don’t like. Also his reverence for the consitution, bill of rights, and in particular the second ammendment would draw amazing critisizm from extremely uber lefties. For one thing I imagine that Lou will be taking a more “real” view of why the CNN debacle isn’t/didn’t work out. I never really was a fan, but I know that he had great rating’s and his audience was middle America.

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