Mass amount of U.S. military weapons missing in Afghanistan

It’s not like it is a new concept that the United States government supplies weapons to our enemies before we attack, or already have attacked. According to reports from and nearly one-third of all procured weapons made in the u.s. for Afghanistan are missing.

The military didn’t “maintain complete inventory records for an estimated 87,000 weapons — or about 36 percent — of the 242,000 weapons that the United States procured and shipped to Afghanistan from December 2004 through June 2008,” a U.S. Government Accountability Office report states. “accountability lapses occurred throughout the supply chain.”

If situations like this are always occurring wouldn’t we the people demand more corrective oversight, and people who can at least count right. Now this may sound odd, but does anyone else think people more than the age of five should be in control of counting our procured weapons for foreign wars?

Over the next few weeks you will hear mainstream media reports that confirm that resistance (Taliban/al Qaeda) is gaining momentum because of how “armed” they are. We all know this is a lost cause war, let the afghan people be slaves to the Taliban, it is not the American people’s duty to fight for the same liberty and freedom we share with each other with the rest of the world.

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