Minutemen, mexico, what to do?

Reading through the forums on other site’s and browsing through peoples comments I realized there was no coverage of what the minutemen in the southern border between the United State’s and Mexico were up against.

First of all this is what the minutemen stand for and are about: Too stop all illegal aliens from entering the borders illegally because the United States Corp can’t do that job correctly. We have the second amendment which allows us to form militia’s in time’s of tyranny in order to bring about balance and order. It’s been proven in poll after poll and when I talk to regular people in the street’s that nobody wants amnesty, and everyone wants the illegals out of the country. So why is our government corporation not building walls, rounding up the illegals, and deporting them all? Because they are here to undermind the constituion and bring parts of the United State’s landmasses back under Mexican athority simply by over populating areas in southern texas, arizona, and california. Some speculate that the “fema camps” are going to be used when the people finally revolt against these illegals and the government finally enacts laws that round up all illegals and put them in camps. I’m not so sure about sticking any kinds of people in any kinds of camps (geneva convention) , but I do agree that something needs to be done and quick.

In the establishment media they portray the minutemen as neo-kkk type’s that are racist, and want to bring back slavery and what have you. If you are an infowarrior you realize this is complete trash and propaganda for two basic reasons. The people protesting illegal immigration, actually agree with real immigration ( there are plenty of mexican, and black minute-men. heck theres minute-men of all color). The second reason is obviously this isn’t 100 years ago where we had people in tree’s burning. Likewise if the establishment keeps up with its antic’s and sick despotism then I could see the people resorting back to our barbarian type of thinking and just burn all these cocksuckers with the torch.

Most people in law enforcement agree with the people also in that we need to strictly enforce our borders. If the elite’s have their way then obviously we will move towards the NAU were there is no sovereign state’s because all inalienable power’s are superceded by a world government for the betterment of the global world, instead of having border, state, county lines. It’s kind of like you won’t have your own backyard anymore, or front lawn because anyone can claim it’s theirs because the whole world is all of ours. So whats yours is mine and whats mine is mine mentallity is what is being bred here. I’m not sure about all of you but I keep whats mine and i’ll kill whoever tries to take whats mine. Isn’t that what the constitution and all of our rights that are inalienable were bred into us? So we could protect ourselves from all kinds of people that are intrusive?

If anyone is aware of information that pertains to the U.N. posting troops on the border to “fight” these minutemen please notify me by e-mail or comment a.s.a.p. This is a serious topic that is prevalent in today’s world.

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