Pandemic? Where, what, who, when, and how?

This year the media, and government’s alike have been prompt about keeping this “Swine” flu turned back into H1N1 virus in the mind of many a person’s. The main question here is why are they doing this?  To keep the masses in fear of a rampant virus that is going to be the endgame of pandemic’s?  There are quite a few aspect’s in which to look at this swine scenario and let’s just go from memory here since I have a great one.

Thinking about it, actually the swine flu and regular flu aren’t as bad so far this year in comparison to prior years.   I know from personal experience because I have been hospitalized in the last month and didn’t catch a bug, nor did I get inoculated with the vaccines they were so readily willing to ask if I needed.   I know much too information pertaining to the ingredients and adjuncts that even if a two-year old was aware of what was in these vials they themselves would know not to put it in their bodies.   I wasn’t alive but does anyone when the military forced soldier’s to take the “swine” flu vaccine back in 1976?  some two thousand or so soldier’s got sick, and I believe there were even fatalities.

Over the years there have been organizations and others in humanity that have been trying to bring forth and shine some light on some very serious aspects of getting immunized by these Big pharma vaccine pushers.   Check out this post of my blog to see the list of ingredients if you even wish to dare.  The main ingredients that guaranteed that I would never put those substances in my body again were; Thirmosol (mercury), and Formaldehyde.   If you aren’t away of what they do with formaldehyde then visit your local embalming center , or high school chemistry lab and ask them, and scientific evidence is proving more and more likely that mercury and thirmisol in the vaccine’s is what actually is causing the autism.

It’s funny to reflect on my childhood when my mother would bring me to the family doctor and just let the doctors shoot all these substances into me unknowingly.  Well I was unknowing, so wasn’t my mother, but the doctor?  Seriously, doctors that are still pushing this on the unknowing subject’s should probably be looked into.   Don’t forget that it was the lead in the water pipe’s that drove the people and empire of Rome crazy and brought that empire to its knees. 

Today there are so many things that aren’t good for us, and this is obvious especially if you live in the great ole’ United State’s of America like myself.  Think about this for a second… when’s the last time you didn’t buy something from the grocery store that didn’t have MSG (monosodium glutamate) in it? Every single brand of chip’s and any snack and even most good food’s are starting to be blistered with this carcinogenic compound that destroys organic matter.  Not that many people would even think to think about caring about something of this kind of topic?  Fear does rule in society and the sheep are very afraid of truth that is stranger than fiction, and i’m still not completely sure why.  It could be all the chemtrails that the plane’s dump in the sky everyday.  People and groups have demanded answers and the government doesn’t answer, and this is exactly why I talk and believe about these subjects.   Why no explanation? Must we the people become scientist’s and media experts ourself in order to maintain a perfectly aware public?

I was afraid at first because my friend’s that work in healthcare weren’t around for a few weeks. So when Halloween came around me and my fiance thought it would be a great idea to have a Halloween party.  So we all were zombie’s heres a pic of me  !

Thats completely beside’s the point, but one of my friends that was also a zombie was telling me how he got the Live virus vaccine, the one they spray up the nostril’s.  I almost had a heart attack and thought I really was becoming a zombie.  I wanted to hurt him with something because I always feared that with all the hype and no one sick, once they started pushing the vaccine and the people started getting the vaccine that the vaccine would actually cause and spread the pandemic.  Likewise the friend that had the live nasal spray vaccine was notified a week later that they still needed to get the inoculation in order to be “fully” protected.  I informed him of all the ingredients and the side effect’s and he said ” since I never got sick from them before, I probably won’t now “.   It’s funny that kind of thinking is what is going to drive the human race in the future, ahhh it drive’s me mad. 

My best friend/roommate actually is an infowarrior as well, and wrote a letter to the cdc asking where the specific location where the herd of swine in mexico that carried the virus and jumped to humans was.  They responded with a letter telling him that they didn’t know and that they were still investigating?   There is basically too many short falls with this story of flu and swine flu.  I think big pharma and the drug co’s want to make more profit than usual so here’s the scenario.  Get people all hyped up that there is a new kind of flu, and call it “swine, h1n1, or what have you ” and get the masses/sheeple in a state of fear so when the new vaccine’s come around they get both the regular flu shot and this new swine flu shot.  Raising the question that big pharma wants to make more money to a sheeple wouldn’t result in a good conversation.  The sheeple would say that the pharma companies don’t make money because the flu shot is ” free ” .  HA HA HA… I cant laugh much anymore though because the stupidity gets to me.  It’s like the government and the big corporations don’t fund the big pharma corporation itself.  Plus I’m sure they would all love to give you it for free because if your stupid enough to let doctors put a shot of something with those kind of ingredients in it, they will offer it for free.  Ever hear of eugenic’s?   When are people going to start reading and writing more we need smart intellectuals to steward the new age and not these old nazi style neo con’s that have concentration camps and vaccine’s ready for us the people at every turn? What kind of world are we living in?

Some link’s that will help you along your journey in becoming aware of the vaccine’s and what big pharma is upto.

Vaccine watchdog

Vaccine awareness network

Fight back H1N1


Glaxo smith kline state’s themselves that one in one thousand vaccine’s will end up in fatality.  Right now it’s mandated that people get two dose’s witch obviously turns the equation into one in five hundred could end up with serious health concerns after being inoculated.

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