Pneumonic plague, and h1n1 blackout?

Swine flu is infecting people all over the world, and new reports are suggesting that these bio-weapons (flu’s) are being used for political reasons. Some believe the first target is ukraine because there is a lot of news that isn’t being released right now specifically about ukraine. Thankfully russiatoday has some alright reporters that are supplying information. In ukraine there are over 1,000,000 people with some respitory illness, and at least 200 deaths have been reported. It isn’t officially named yet but some reports are calling it pneumonic plauge because of the symptoms and effects on the respitory system.

My advice to you if you are reading this blog is to make sure you get yourself a n95 fly mask, they are extremely effective at containing and stopping the spread of the virus through containing and filtering the air you breathe in and what you cough out. There are plenty of website’s that sell the n95 mask’s and make sure it’s n95 it’s the only one that is blocking these new weird swine, h1n1, pneumonic plague strainds because the n95 blocks all particle’s that have any moisture attached. Also make sure to bring hand sanitizer anywhere you go in public and if you touch any doors handles shake peoples hands make sure you use it 100% because after people have been vaccinated some are carrying the disease, and can still pass it on to you if you haven’t been vaccinated. The information community is mostly assured that this pandemic is actually being spread through aerisolized forms being sprayed over cities in urkraine to disinfect, or infect the communities, and for example in the united states it has started to pick more case’s up since the beginning of the vaccinations about two weeks ago. One county away from me has had 400 new cases of h1n1 in the last month, and is it a coincidence or not that it happend right around the same time everyone started getting the vaccine?

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