The Information War

The information war is a war that has been raging for atleast 100 – 200 years, or I like to believe since the beginning of time. We all know how in ancient history when man brought war to civilizations, man would destroy the culture and histroy, and in return rewrite the history. That is what the information war is about, the society reality makers know that if they control the media and all the information they will always be able to run the plantation workers minds correctly. Don’t question authority and be a good little slave is the preferred standard of most peoples lines of thinking, well atleast thats how it USE to be.

Today there is an emergence of infowarriors, indigo, starseeds, religons of all kinds becomming aware that there is even more to it than what our current outletts could ever explain to us. I explained it to my friend this way ” you know how carl sagan explains the 4th dimension and how we can’t perceive it, well the human race is evolving and at some point we are going to make a leap and be able to intertwine with this 4th dimension and peoples minds power, perception, and awareness are going to bring this great leap ”

The establishment knows the power we yeild and has always throughout history used it against the natural will of people to just harmonize and live peaceably, and have manifested this great energy into war, faminine, disease, and endless other atrocities. This is why we fight the information war, and why I find the time to write these articles and direct some of you to better information than what possibly could be presented anywhere else. We also have to remember to keep a good character in terms of laughter, sometimes with all the harshness in this world it is easy to become so deeply concerned and involved that it can become bothersome. Don’t let the big issue’s of today get you down little warrior’s, for tomorrow is our day.

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About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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2 Responses to The Information War

  1. despicable says:

    You narrow minded nationalists are so backward in your thinking that you are blind to what is moving forward and what is moving backward in the history of mankind and in the evolution of matter in motion!
    Like they say, “YOU CAN’T STOP PROGRESS,” ..That being an observable fact, it is only ignorance and fear that is representative of those on the “Right Wing” of the political spectrum that causes those “Right Wing Reactionaries” to be no longer relevant, …and to fear and hate progress.
    It is a part of the “Evolutionary Process” for everything in our universe to change and adapt in a manner that would allow all forms of matter and all that reflects all forms of matter to make necessary adjustments so that it could survive, thrive grow and mature in an ever changing environment, an environment that moves in stages from a simple beginning to more complex stage. Everything has a life span and when it is necessary for that which has grown old and weak and no longer useful it is natural for that form of live matter to die and be replaced by something that is new and is it’s diametric opposite. An opposite that is stronger, more relevant, more in tune with the circumstances, situations and conditions that prevail at that particular point in time.
    Those that hold on to the theory that “Individual Competition” is more important and better than, “Social Cooperation” are acting blindly because they are ignoring the context.
    Under the conditions of scarcity of that which is necessary to survive and thrive, all living things will, because out of necessity, become a competitor for that which is scarce and therefor valuable.
    To get what is scarce and what is needed before that what is scarce is all grabbed up by the competition and you are wanting and not getting, is the kind of environment that exists inside of a competitive society This competition exists because of material scarcity. “The Human Nature” of individuals living under the conditions of scarcity will act in an aggressive and desperate manner to get what is scarce for themselves.
    Because of scarcity and competition, “STATUS” will go to those that accumulate for themselves the most of that which is valuable, because it is scarce.
    The “HUMAN NATURE” of those that live under the conditions of “Material Abundance,” will act in a “Cooperative” manner because the need to compete will not be necessary because there will be enough of what is needed to satisfy everyone and no one will go wanting.
    Status under these conditions will be arrived at by what you do for others, the opposite of what you can do for yourselves under a competitive condition.
    It is new and advanced “Technological and Scientific” development that will make it possible to produce an abundant material society that will change the nature of the people within that society, and will change the nature of that cooperative social society.
    It has been said that when people living under conditions where they receive from each according to their ability and to each according to their need, that in time a new type of human being will be born. It will be a “Social Scientific Being” that will need no one to force that type of person to be social. He or she will have no need to have a leader or government agency tell them what they should or should not do. They will become their own leader and understand scientifically the world environment and how to advance the interests of the world environment and the interests of the individuals within that world environment. It has been said that under this condition of harmony between people and environment that the need, for written laws police, soldiers, and courts, will no longer be needed and that the state apparatus will wither away. That in place of government and their apparatus you will have an administration of things, not an administration of people.

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