Get an Ivy League education without paying a cent.

I have discovered a new website that supplies courses from yale, stanford, nyu, etc.. for free. The lectures and class courses are all recorded and are supplied for free. This is insane because think about the people who pay endless amounts of money to acheive degrees of this importance. Thanks to the web and people becomming super intelligent beings we are now seeing a point in humanity where it will be possible to acheive unlimited amount of degrees in all kinds of fields without paying onc cent, perhaps the internet costs but that is small potatoes compared to the actual cost of going to college and paying for the mass amount of indoctrination. Another great thing about the site is that not only does each course have all information needed to obtain a proper degree in said course, but there are tests supplied making for the correct learning enviorment. At some point in our lifetimes it is going to be realized by the masses and corporate industries that people can’t afford schooling and is only engulfing the said learners in more and more debt. After we come to this realization then people won’t need the “degree” peice of paper anymore since the schooling is obviously legit and supplied in a proper format for us to learn. Websites like this totally open up a great deal of opportunites for us little people who can’t afford educations from ivy league schools. Anyone that is interested in furthering their educations but is scared to go to school because of being put into deep deep debt no longer has to worry about that.
Heres the link to the website: Academic Earth

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2 Responses to Get an Ivy League education without paying a cent.

  1. You couldn’t be any more right! I love this! I used to want to go to school for video production and animation, but I could not afford it. I found everything I needed online. I had nobody to learn from except myself. I got a cool job doing what I learned and I even trained interns from the school that I used to want to go to! More people should know about this right? I had no clue that you could find the really high ranking schools criteria as well. I hope the internet stays an open source of information, free for the people to use. Thanks for sharing this! You are on it!

    • It’s very important for humanity to start thinking, and percieving such things. Thanks for checking the article out, and the following website. Hopefully through your article more people can find out about real FREE information, knowledge, ect. It’s for the future, and the future is now!

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