The war on drugs is a war on the people !

Over the last year or two there have been several major pushes towards decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana and other drugs for personal, and medical uses. for example had a lot of different topics that internet users could vote for in order to bring about issues we really need reform on. Last year 2009 Marijuana and drug legalization was the biggest topic of all, and somehow it got swept under the rug ever so quickly. Once again this year the topic is drug reform again and is gaining in popularity, but what if it isn’t taken seriously like prior attempts at reformation? At some point we as activists, bloggers, truthers, what have you are going to reach a critical mass in which we won’t be able to be ignored any longer. If anyone else remembers before Obama took the white house on their website they also had ideas and votes to rank up the most important issues we the people face in today’s society, none the less Marijuana and drug reformation reached the top 3 out of 10 spots. As soon as Obama took office it was swept under the rug again, when brought up at a town hall meeting he mocked the internet community saying ” ha, must say something about the internet community” What it does say Mr. President is that the base of voters that gave you the job as president can take it away just as easily. After laughing and making a mockery of the internet community I hope the administration doesn’t prepare to be staying in office for more than this first term. I said it then and will say it again, we are a majority and we will win, establishmentarians of all kinds must come to accept this. If these vital points and corrections aren’t made in our society than it will only lead to disasters, man-made ones have you.

Prohibition didn’t work with alcohol and everyone agrees to that, prohibition isn’t working in this new information age as we the people are becoming sponges of information that can debate and relate to just about anything anyone can talk about. When the propagandists come on from the D.E.A. and other drug enforcement agencies their topics of debate are easily doused. For example: Head of D.E.A. states ” If we legalize marijuana, then crime rates will rise up” Well no it’s actually the other way around, if cannabis is legalized then the millions of Americans who use it will become un-criminals. Hows that logic play with you status-quo establishment types? While the government is creating tons of enforcement positions in order to Fight the WAR on people with our own hard earned tax dollars. Many of you and I completely and utterly hate the idea that our tax dollars are being used counter-productively.

The war for us is to gain personal liberties and more freedoms without beureocrates and johnny law knocking at our doors invading our privacy. It is only our aim to increase liberty and freedom and to stop being labeled as losers, terrorists, and all the alphabet soup names that people in our movement have been labled. To all enforcement establishment types please knock if off with the rhetoric and let we the people establish our own realities and awareness about drugs whether it be through personal experience or medical approaches. Our last sentence to you is BACK OFF, WE THE PEOPLE have had enough brainwashing attempts and rhetoric. It’s a wonder we still have our prerogatives straight after all the attempts by provocateurs to debase and hi-jack our movement. If we lived in a real republic we wouldn’t need to reach a critical mass in order to bring about progressive initiatives, since we live in a mob rule democracy than populism is where we must find our roots for now. It was the founding of the constitution and other original documents to protect the minority from these tyrannical rulings, but obviously this isn’t the reality we face. We are much smarter than what these drug war aficionados credit us for, and will continue to undermined their efforts in taking away personal liberty and freedoms whether it be through drug law reform, ect. After doing research about cannabis and other drugs, it’s no wonder the establishment is trying so hard now more than ever to go along with their D.A.R.E. kinds of programs.( I always believed d.a.r.e. actually introduced the young mind to drugs, if you tell a kid not to do something because its bad, whats the first thing they do ? thats right they actually go and try the drugs.)

I will do another blog post about all the positives from legalizing substances and bring all the information out of the dark. Anyways I’m not going to say go to these websites and vote for the topic because we already have proven that we are the majority on all fronts. What we must do now is start to seek lobbying efforts in congress and state governments. is the best lobbying organization I have come by that will actually bring about these fundamental changes in our criminal justice system. After we accomplish all of this I will admit that there has been some kind of form of actual criminal justice where the criminal is found not to be the criminal but the Justice system has been the criminal in all of these cases instead. Just don’t read this and walk away from it, leave comments and let me know how you feel about the drug war, and what we the people can do in order to stop the government from locking up 25% of the prison population globally while we only have about 5% of the worlds population. Things just don’t add up and that is why i’m here writing about this, so please write back and lets create a real dialogue in where we can openly express our thoughts and opinions on this matter.

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2 Responses to The war on drugs is a war on the people !

  1. Ryan says:

    I agree. I think that legalization of marijuana presents a chance for New York State to find new ways to bring in a new tax revenue. No extra taxes, just the 7% tax on it like everything else.

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