United States illegally occupies Haiti !

Yes we live in a world of duality and it is most prevalent of late since the disaster has struck the Haitians leaving their country in shambles. After reading and researching this topic I have made a decision, and that is to not donate one cent of my hard earned money to these organizations ( bush, Clinton foundation, red cross, and any other site saying they are going to help the people in Haiti.) This is not because I don’t like Haiti or its people but more or less it’s from realizing that when we the people of America are in dire need of help,. NOBODY comes to help us. This has been proven numerous times, but most of us are more familiar with Katrina, hopefully some of you haven’t forgot about the hurricane that destroyed the gulf coast a few years back. Well in comparison to the tsunami and this Haiti disaster, Katrina is just a small speck in terms of how CNN and other corporation fronts have magnified foreign disasters. When Katrina struck the national guard and military declared martial law in new Orleans and shoved people into the super dome where they allowed rape pillaging and other man-made disasters to take place. It really boggles my mind how FEMA the federal emergency management association didn’t get trailers and supplies to the people of Katrina, 6 years later and some people are still waiting for their fema trailers. If I was one of them I wouldn’t be waiting anymore however would’ve filed a massive law suit against the government for not protecting the people. So now we face every news station on t.v. and uncountable amounts of websites wanting to donate to Haiti for relief. I say screw Haiti and lets take care of our own people. That seems more humane to me and im sure many other americans that will read this post agree.

Just couldn’t understand in particular how CNN has tons of celebrities sitting on their station using the social networks to organize the masses and get them to submit their hard earned dollars in order to supply humanitarian aid to Haiti. Where were these celebrities and social elites when disaster stuck right here at home, yeah thats right they were no where to be found. Goes to show you how HUMANE these humanitarians really are. If you ask me I think they are just robbing every single person that donates to their funds that is exactly whey they are on t.v. screaming YOU MUST DONATE NOW. Another thing that is striking is how they don’t want people to send goods, products, and service. They want people to send hard cash and that is it, but why would they only want people to send money and not things the people really need? After asking this question to myself I came to the conclusion that these Humanitarian foundations are just new age ways of stealing peoples hard earned money for a good cause. I don’t wish harm to any country especially Haiti but the world we are living in needs much more questioning and less of the celebrities on the t.v. yelling at us to give at least $10.00. Why? So all of us small people can make sure you rob us blind and really not help the destabilized country.

If you dig deep enough into U.S. Haiti relations then it becomes obvious why our military was there within 24 hours of the disaster occurence. Under Bush SR, and Clinton the administrations have been trying to cause coups, and destabilize that country for quite some time. Nothing better than a natural disaster and claim that we’re going to help them with humanitarian aid. Then why is this aid coming through the hands of the military, militaries aren’t trained in helping people belive it or not. They are trained to occupy and quell any dissidents in any country they are posted in. Its no wonder the average soup for brain American would fall for these attempts at robbery, but it ensues as the donation amounts reach records. Several south american leaders and smart intellectuals all around the world are calling this as they see it, and that is the United States of America is illegally occupying Haiti under the colour of humanitarian aide. Makes me sick to my stomach to have this realization but nothing will stop me from seeing things the way they really are. Haiti has plenty of natural resources that our country has wanted for sometime, oil, natural gas, uranium. It is more valuable to the united states to use as a control point for South America.

So over the next months and years watch as the United States military and government turn Haiti into a proxy government for the U.S. in order to more easily destabilize more and more South American governments. I guarantee that Haiti will be forced into some kind of International Monetary Fund Loans that they will never be able to pay back in order to have reconstruction. This is world imperialism and it must be brought to an end in our time, or our kids will look down upon us as they come to these sad realizations and won’t be able to do a thing about it. So please people don’t be fooled at this point in time, we must keep our hard earned dollars since we are in the great recession, and work harder to improve the lives of United States of America citizens instead of all these other countries that can’t control or help their own citizens. Who in their right mind would go on t.v. and sit there and say ” help me, help me” Well I definitely saw Haitians and other establishment types doing it, and they are still currently doing it. Please wake up America to these realizations before it is way too late. You are being robbed just like we’ve always been, nothing has changed. Only if all of us become aware of what is taking place then we can learn how to actually create a change for the betterment of all man-kind.

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