Constructive ideas and attitudes.

Nathan Griffith

Constructive ideas and attitudes

Through awareness and viral applications of information through the internet it has become self-evident that intelligent and creative people need not only be aware of all conspiracies of the day (NWO, GMO, MONSANTO, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, CENTRAL BANKING, SHADOW ELITE.) We must also vitalize/use the resourcefulness of blogs, vlogs, and other viral platforms to spread the truth to a more receptive people. Such is already proceeding in terms of We Are Change, Ron Paul Revolution, and Tea Party Patriots who aren’t modern neo-cons. These platforms have brought the revolution thus far and this article will lay out the platform for in which will bring this revolution to a new forefront.

Things to look out for

There are many great elements in which we can come together to bring about this next fundamental step, and some enthusiasts, activists, entrepeneurs are leading the way. It’s always in the forums and blogs when a popular topic or subject is always brought up which leads to someone purchasing a URL that pertains to the words that are important to us in this day an age (revolution, love, awareness, truth, ect..) So the next step would be to find the contagious words and create this new platform/website. Obviously I said that some revolutionaries are already using this platform but the next step is yet to be found. We all still want the solution to all the problems that have been propigated over the years. So the action here needed is get the website built and the platform going, get some well written articles, videos, and forum with bloggers inputting constructive advice, and for sure the site would become viral. Site names for example:,, ect.. there are many ideas. On such a site we could combine grassroot bloggers/vloggers with advanced structured other “truth” websites. This kind of platform will allow for Americans who know the truth be able to access everything they will ever need to construct solutions pertaining to the messes we always are witnessing. Ofcourse if would be censorship free unlike some other truth websites, but malware and spam blockers will have to be enabled so people don’t get tired of trying to read through the mess of junk. Hopefully this further enables patriots and like-minded people to take part I like to say the ” The transfer of ideas without clutter “.

The greatest perception I get from these ideas is that if such a website was to become “noticed” and did gain traction the people who would involve themselves with such a site would be wonders to the average man. In other words I mean the crem de la resistance ! Obviously if we know anything about the original founders this new group of founders will and already proved that they are the most intelligent, non-self serving people. Most being prolific writers, highly motivated, and trained survivalist, inventors, philosophers, and all the great kinds that it takes to carry out such feats. This is exactly why it is crucial to be involved in this new renaissance especially if you have any part of your brain left. Anybody is somebody important in this new era of information freedom for there are too many ideas, thoughts, and solutions to the seemingly big problems however once were fully formed will be little problems. When our republic and freedom is fully secured again expect a renaissance that will dwarf the one that birthed people like our founders. This will not be a site or platform that will serve anything other than the important information that will perpetuate these dire fundamental changes.

So if we can carry out and create this enviroment I suspect much greatness as stated before but not only for us the people who are taking the action, but even the sheeple that will eventually be saved because of this. Everyone will appreciate that their freedoms and liberties have been organically retained, and saved. The knowledge and foundation for the next great feat of humanity is alive and breathing. we must take the next step in order for this advancement to happen. It’s obvious the global ruling élite are aware of this and are trying endlessly to discourse the natural human cause for freedom and liberty. For example: Poison food, nano tech, RFID, suppression of crucial technology, information, ect.. You’ve heard it more than enough already i’m sure, and if not than you need to , For example: WAKE UP!.
All in all for all patriots and like-minded people out there please contact me if you’re interested in pursuing greatness with liberty and freedom behind us. I can build websites, run servers, and obviously have access to a unparalleled amount of information. With the gratefulness and determination to work hard for something that is worth more than any worldly objects. Other important objects that come to mind are that leaders thus far in the movement have used this viral foundation/platform in order to wake a lot of new patriots up, and obviously it is the choice platform of now, but I’m starting to think of newer ideas that we can catalyze with this viral media for example: How Mark Dice gets American Citizens to sign petitions to repeal the first amendment, and posts the video it goes viral. The type of scenario in dice’s videos retrospectively wake people up just with common sense. So I think this is the next big step towards a more grandeur awakening that leads to our goal of freedom and retaining our original republic. Our platform will also be completely trustable which will create a prime enviroment for people to trust each other and give for the greatest causes that users vote in rank. Like grassroot candidates, or for whatever cause we the people need to take care of through donations we can create commercials, billboard ads, resulting in word of mouth transfer of the message which is the most effective.

Here you will find people who will work harder for our ideals and wants harder than our everyday job. This relates to how each of us is important in the new revolution, and what makes waking up actually more attractive than staying apathetic and dull. The founders only had 3% support from the population when they had the original revolution. They obviously aimed higher, but apathy and dullness created the situation to begin with. This time we’re aiming at least for 50-75% of the population to become involved. So that the majority of true population at the time can secure the freedom and liberty for many generations to come. Since so many families/friends will be involved they will always remember our values through tradition. Within a few generations America was already forgetting its founding traditions for freedom, liberty, sound money, security, ect. This time around we will secure hopefully forever the best republic/society humanity and the universe has ever seen. Ofcourse this is all good on paper but there is real work needing to be done so please e-mail me

First goal of the group is to get the website forum up and running from there we can move to a site were videos, and articles from around the web get voted on in accordance to their importance to the people who watch and retain the knowledge, and relevance by the users which would make up a good section of the home page. Other sections of the site would be open for art/music/enlightenment types of information because with every great renaissance music, literature, art, tech, go right through the roof as we try to externalize our realities.

About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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