New York State Soda Tax : Protest is the answer.

Patriots, concerned citizens, family, and friends are gathering in Ogdensburg NY to rally against the newly proposed New York State Soda Tax that has been

included in Governor Patersons 2010 state budget. The rally is taking place on the steps of City hall on Thursday February 11, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. Please bring

anybody and everybody along with you that has had enough of Albany and big government trying to push unfair taxes on New Yorker’s.

The New York ” Obesity ” tax will impose a “penny per ounce” tax on finished-product soft drinks and a $38.00 tax on the 5 gallon bags of syrup sold to

local restaurants and bars. This highly discriminatory tax will do nothing to curb obesity, but will force many local businesses to shutter and create more job loses in

New York State. Not only that this also sets yet another precedent not mentioned anywhere else, and that is the notion that New Yorkers are worker slaves to the

state that must always deal with tax increases unlike New Hampshire, and Florida that don’t even have the income tax. it is likely that businesses will shutter the new

tax, close business down, lose jobs, and/or move them elsewhere. As concerned New Yorkers and business owners try to run business in such a horrible

atmosphere it is important for us as patriots to gather and reign in support for such causes. This is just one issue obviously but it is important fundamentally for if we

can refuse this tax completely and they let off the businesses of New York we can perhaps start to make, and see a real change from the corruption we’ve had to

deal with in Albany for a long time it seems now (years). Eventually people hope that we could have a rally right here in New York someday to end the income tax all

together like other states(NH, FL, NV, SD, TX), and it just so happens to be that the states that have ended the income tax are the same states that are getting all

the migrant company owners because of states like New York that are imposing higher taxes than ever before.

All News organizations have been invited and please bring anybody that can make it, for more information please contact me through the comments section, or

write me an e-mail.

Also the Facebook rally event page here.

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2 Responses to New York State Soda Tax : Protest is the answer.

  1. Dan Sullivan says:

    Tell NYS to keep their hands out of our pockets.This state already has the highest taxes of all the states. If you impose this tax all you will succeed in doing is driving more young people out of this state then where will the state of economy be? Why not take a pay cut like so many other people have done. Since all the companies have left due to the high taxes and health care costs. When was the last time any elected official had to survive on $405, of coarse before taxes. What is the unemployment rate at ? Why don’t you work on trying to get more jobs in this state. This place needs a tea party here and get this government back to working for us. Not some burearcrat in office with some hidden ajenda to put some other worthless program on the books that only adds to our rising debt.

  2. Joseph says:


    My name is Joseph from Saw your post. Was wondering if you’d be willing to post a very brief message that tells your readers about the New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes petition. It is located at It has already received over 10,000 signatures from New Yorkers against the food and beverage tax.

    We also have a national petition for “Americans Against Food Taxes” at That petition has already received over 83,000 signatures. I am hoping you’d be willing to sign the petition and post something on your website to get your readers to sign the petition.

    If any of them need content to post I can provide them with an article and a link to the petition. I can be reached at

    Thanks very much!


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