Update: Anti-Tax rally (success), Moving on to bigger ideas !

Alrighty blogosphere, internet wanderers it’s time again for me to post an article about what has been going on lately. Locally, and worldly events have been coming to a boil and this is where I will release the pressure I have built up for the said events.

First of all the Anti-Obesity tax rally that pepsi, and concerned citizens held on Feb,10 2010 was a SUCCESS ! 50+ people showed up, and on top of it pepsi was handing everyone a free beverage 🙂 it was greatly appreciated. The event had Scott Wright, Bill Nelson, Nick Vaugh, and myself to give speeches to the crowd, and I must say that the speeches were very great and must have inpspired more people out there. I was going to record the event with my digital video camera however I had to participate in the event holding a banner in front of the speakers, then speaking myself afterwards. It’s okay though because we got our point across and out there, and another interesting point that I made during my speech was how the local news media was skeptical to question the issues that we are bringing up. Ofcourse later that night, and the next day Chanel 7 news, and the local journal had stories pertaining to the event however not really any insight into what was taking place. It is more or less the lines of ” People in Ogdensburg, NY joined to rally/protest Gov. Pat’s proposed obesity tax ” then it skipped right to the next story. Not mentioning the awareness and patriotic citizens, business owners, ect… On the television there were no video clips of any of the speakers. One would think that local news media since being affiliated with CBS (HA) would be able to compile a well organized news article with video and commentary about the protest. Oh well atleast I did point this out in my speech and hopefully everyone remembered that part especially when they were reading/watching the news.

Next important issue is exactly that the word issue itself needs to become more important than any other word we have in public. There are many issues pertaining to the deconstruction of our rights and liberty and that is why we need to not only concern ourselves with proposed tax’s in legislature, but likewise inovolve ourselfes with all of the other important issues currently. Even if you take a null, or positive stance you are wanted for your say because everyones individual say is what really matters. Not the sum or average of what everyone cumulatively has to say (politicians) obviously we’ve had enough of that and are working to better ourselves and our neighbors based on building the next level of communication networks that will not only allow the users to come in and supply content like a facebook, myspace setting. This website will also intelligently match you with other common interested individuals and from there you will be able to form rallys, protests, ect… more easily rather than trying to get the word out through the Local news media outletts, and even mainstream media sometimes if they are even paying any attention.

Thats it for now, please comment, subscribe, rate and I will be looking forward to the content all of you supply !

Oh yes please follow donttaxmypop on twitter, it was created in hope of getting more citizens and people aware. Just follow the link to the page !

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I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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