Rough drafting


I just got done rough drafting the home page, and some logos for the company I’m currently designing. It’s becoming extremely adventurous for me with all the new ideas, and just plainly connecting all of the dots in order to create the perfect formula. Just imagine a place where all of us can connect and come together based on common interests and beliefs and not only that, but also form groups of endless numbers in which the users create the overall goals and accomplishments of each movement that manifests itself. With all of the issue’s we face globally I can only imagine how many individual unique issues there are on the smallest level with each individual out there. Let’s all come together and share knowledge and form the structures and platforms that will catapult us into the next great achievement of humanity. We’ve all been working so hard and diligently for things we may not know the overall importance of well ladies and gentlemen I’m here today to explain to you the importance of each and every single one of us. Not some big government that thinks it can relate with the ever changing people they try to control, but likewise a structure that not only serves only its people but also acts as a moving power as everyone comes together on issues. It’s only a matter of time before this is a reality, and currently I’m working as hard and as diligently as possible to create and manifest this platform. I’m not saying it’s the full solution, but I do know one thing it sure is a huge step in the right direction. Also don’t be afraid in the sense that I say company and such words because I know it makes people think that it is profit in which I am looking for. Let me be clear to everyone though it is honestly the last thing I was thinking about when I started blue printing this idea. When I first realized all the issues and problems people where facing the only thing I have thought about sense was how to build the “machine” that will enable us to regain our humanity and platform on this planet. That was it and currently is still my one and only mission that I think about from day-to-day no matter what. This service is going to be provided for free to all users forever as long as I’m the sole creator and owner. Mark my words for they are all I have the only reason that there would be profit involved is because the potential for such a platform to go public or become “sold-out” and I also promise that if this was to ever happen I would still supply service to the users for free of no charge. This is something that should be provided to humanity for free because it pretty much is going to turn into the people’s government in some way shape or form. Please remember this and always hold these ideas and words against my actions.

About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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