What about Joe Stack?

Through the web and other comment forms I will provide unanswered issues pertaining to Joe Stack and what happend in Austin that day. After all we are in a nation that uses patriot groups and false flag terrorism to further erode and wither away our inalienable soverign rights.

Where exactly is the body of Joe Stack?

Who is the Emily women who started the Joe Stack fan page on facebook shortly after this news broke?

There were numerous eye wittness accounts of Hasmat, and other officials already being on site before this even took place?

Helicopters following the plane according to one eye wittness acount, could this possibly be remotely operated ?

How come the building didn’t fall down? When 911 happend WTC 7 didn’t even get hit by a plane and it completely fell into its basement from the top down?

How did a cessna put a whole and that much wreckage 100 ft away from the building? Was it rigged with high grade explosives?

Resources say Msnbc that his real name is A. Joseph Stack the III. Coincedently if you look up this name typed as shown it is hard to get through. If you type in Joseph Stack like this it is easy access. Believe it or not this is a total disstraction to divert We the People from the truth. It is a total illusion. Look at the facts. Just the facts. Don’t become your thoughts.

I will keep updating this until we get the full scoop, either way remember 911 and this and compare and wait to see how the media and even alternative media spin this.

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I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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3 Responses to What about Joe Stack?

  1. Jayde says:

    I hear you. There are too many questions on this. Not enough people are asking them. As you know from infowars.com, I’m an IRS employee in Austin. The IRS met with its employees this morning (2/19/2010) in the South Austin buildings. The attack was referred to as an “accident” quite a few times and the speaker was quickly corrected. After being corrected, he talked about how there was “no warning” and that “fringe groups” couldn’t be predicted. He didn’t clarify what he meant by “fringe groups”, but this comment did come after a question was asked of ‘what’s being done to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future?’ I will say that the speaker did a very good job of playing to sympathy and reminding everyone that it was an attack on our work family and that we had the right to feel outraged by it. After the meeting, I talked to several people who felt we weren’t being told everything. I mentioned a few of the unanswered questions (like Hazmat being around the corner, building is still standing, etc) and the response was pretty equal between people looking at me like I was an idiot and actually listening.

    On the morning of the attack, thirty minutes BEFORE it happened, I was in the halls of the South Austin building I work in when I overheard words of “possible Shelter in Place” coming from some of the higher up local management (I know one was, but I am unsure of the other two since I did not recognize them). Granted, at that time I was not paying close attention because I was unaware of anything going on (along with the rest of us). I did check CNN.com after getting back to my desk to see if something was going on. Nothing. An hour later (thirty minutes after the attack), they notified us that our building was not under threat and that they were not going to evacuate the building. So, thirty minutes after the attack, they had been told by authorities that it was a lone gunman, so to speak.

    On 9/11/01, they evacuated the building, and Austin wasn’t even a target at that time (to my knowledge), but an attack in Austin, they keep the building open and employees working. Doesn’t make sense. Does it.

    • boblobslaw says:

      Thanks for visiting Jayde I appreciate your willfullness for coming out and explaining how the higher ups at the IRS were referring to this as an “accident”, and that they don’t know warning signs of these fringe groups, and who they are.
      Maybe they are asking the wrong question perhaps they should be wondering if it is even a “group” obviously the guy acted a lone, but there are even more unanswered questions. The media and establishment is going to spin this and turn it into an attack on the people. Since you work down there you might have some insight into this question. How come nobody at the IRS seems to realize that the esstablishment is counter productive to the free people of this great country that we’re all part of. It’s not the only government body in need ot deconstruct the whole fed needs to be dealt with too. I say we do it peacefully with information and awareness and on your behalf another insider that may have possible intel. Thanks to you we are capable of forming a clearer picture. Please feel free to comment about anything you find wrong, or right.

      • Jayde says:

        It’s the typical brainwashing that everyone gets. I know I was subject to it for years before I finally woke up. I’m not the only person up there that’s aware of what’s going on. I know that much. There are several of us who discuss things going on while on breaks and lunch. I’ve woken up a few people there as well. I may not agree with the system we have right now, but I can’t do much else. I need the job, as do many other Austin area employees. To us, that’s pretty much all it is. A job and a paycheck.

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