Glenadict Arnold (Glenn Beck)

Glenn Beck will be remembered as our information era Benedict Arnold, and we must look into what he has done in the past and up to present that confirm this. Five years ago he as nobody, and all of a sudden he’s on CNN but CNN is too “liberal” so he moves to FAUX which is more “conservative” thus giving him a chance to get a big addictive audience of conservatives. The sad part is that everyone that is a true patriot and conservative that doesn’t allow corporate heads to pronounce our movements knows that FAUX is exactly that it’s a schill company designed to hi-jack any grassroot conservative movements. Just like CNN/MSNBC were designed to hi-jack any liberal movements. One things for sure and that is anyone or thing(s) from the Mainstream media can’t perform the function of a fourth arm/branch of the republic in the sense that it’s suppose to inform us of the most important information pertaining to our freedom and liberty.

So now Glenn’s on FAUX and sounds like one of “us” (grassroot american) and since he sounds like us he starts getting a huge following by the silent majority. After this has been maintained which it has been for over a year now with becks 912 project, and tours ect. His audience has become addictive in the sense that no matter what he says now will be believed and the followers will be hard to wake up from his spell. Glennadict Arnold knows this and is now turning on the original intent of that in which he started. This is plain and simiple hi-jacking of a lot of good peoples minds because they were “awake” and open to the new perception and Glennadict caught there attention through the MSM and once again is trying to get revolutionaries/tea partiers/neo-patriots to quell the dissent and swing back under the “republican” borg hive where these charlatans believe the “revolutionaries” belong.

This is all wrong and there are a lot of involved patriots who will not allow for this to take place I for one, and many countless more whose voices aren’t as “prominent” yet. It’s happening though and more people are becoming involved in the grassroots citizen journalism medium that will not allow for people from any corporate heads making $50 million to be “prominent” in our movement. There will definitely be more coming on this development of a story, but then again this would be a non-issue if people were fully aware of this situation. Please help spread the truth about our situation as a free people no matter what creed, color, sex you are. This is personal people, and public speaking heads will not ultimately side with our personal issues that should form our communities thus leading to a real peaceful society. It’s the other way around and the controllers will do anything to make sure we don’t move on to a more acceptable style of society more peaceful no wars abroad, great liberty and personal freedoms and security for ALL !

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5 Responses to Glenadict Arnold (Glenn Beck)

  1. Diane Thomas says:

    This is what I have determined but I think the tide will be going out to sea gradually when people realize that Glenn is a magnet for the “liberal left” and the NWO guys and gals. I figured Glenn was a bit too earnest like someone had a pistol to his head. Sadly, I believe he is a puppet, lackey, pawn.

  2. Diane Thomas says:

    I am not sure if my first response even got through but I did say that I did sense (about 8 months to a year ago) that Glenn Beck acted a bit too earnest in a way that made me think that someone was holding a pistol to his head. He seemed to me to be in some form of desperation to get his point across. The only time I felt he was especially genuine was when he spoke out about the so-called concentration camps being built here in the United States. I now believe that he is probably in great danger if he doesn’t follow the NWO agenda. After all, Rupert Murdoch is certainly NWO and couldn’t care less about his country or ours. Money money money, power power power. With both, he and his cohorts seek to devour. Well, I believe that a gradual pull back from this man, Glenn Beck, may well begin before September of this year as long as people’s eyes get opened. I say that Ron Paul has most of the answers to this nation’s present distress.

    • boblobslaw says:

      Some people beleive that paul would be a good “starter” because if we get him in atleast we know that the first thing he will be doing is ending the federal reserve off shore banking cartell. That is most important, however there are a lot of other issues that he hasn’t said one thing about for instance 911 , he doesn’t realize that we need a new investigation because of all the holes and discrepencies from media, and 911 comission reports ect. Oh well I think you’re right for the most part because atleast you are aware of the NWO and have a strong feeling that Paul would atleast be a good start.

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