A pre-emptive attack against Patty Ritchie…

A group of tea party patriots from Oswego, NY are rallying and protesting against a suspose run by Patty Ritchie for the state senate. On the TEA website for Oswego an article has been submitted, and in this article the writer attacks Patty saying she is a RINO, and that somehow George Williams the Oswego country republican chairman is going to have to pull the old magic trick *pulling a rabit out of the hat in order to get Patty elected. The article goes on saying that she is “Pro-abortion, anti-sportsmenship, and her love affairs with hidden-fees” So these are pretty big attacks that are going to have to be faced by George Williams and Patty in order to bring clarity to this situation. The article goes on to say that if she does want the rank, and file conservative support then she will have to pledge to cut all taxes, cut off the money train to school districts and teachers unions who waste our money and demand property tax hike’s, pledge to be anti-abortion, anti-gay marraige, and vote against the long island slicks who run the republican party. I’m not exactly sure where this writer got their information pertaining to Patty, but hopefully within a few days to a week I can get the full Scoop on what Patty is doing and how she plans to face these issues.

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3 Responses to A pre-emptive attack against Patty Ritchie…

  1. Hi just stumbled your blog and have been browsing around some of your posts and just wondering why you selected a WordPress site dont you find it difficult to do anything with? Been thinking about starting one.

  2. James says:

    Patty Ritchie is the only Republican I would vote for at this point, She does what is needed period…
    I Hope she doesn’t follow the Republican party line, they can’t seem to get anything done..

    If the rest of the Republicans can’t play well with others maybe its time for them to pick up their toys and go home….. and let the Adults get some work done..

    (P.S. I am not a democrat, I’m an American)

    • boblobslaw says:

      James thank’s for commenting

      The repubs(neo-cons/fake-cons) and dems(neo-libs/fake-libs) are a house of cards that has fallen. It’s called the left vs right paradigm and I’m so profoundly happy that people are waking up to this. The real paradigm is freedom loving americans vs a tyrannical de facto government. Which is the real paradigm we live in right now.

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