It gets even better: Scott brown’s a RINO?

Oh my oh my you tea partiers, and fox news are one amazing thing to witness yes thats how this story begins. Think about this for a second the tea party started because there was a silent majority of “conservative” patriots who were waking up to the tyrannical government and wanted to take action. Soon fox news and estalbishment politicians very easily hi-jack most of the minds of this new grassroots movement. Next you have the election in masschussetts were Scott Brown wins because he is part of this newly awakend “conservative” majority. Once Scott Brown gets his seat, and people start wondering about if hes going to run in 2012 we get news that Scott Brown is siding with Harry Reid and the takeover party. Wow that is one realization that people are going to have to make so we can move on out of this hi-jacked paradigm and situation. Thats why I always say that real patriots would never allow a corporate talking head/establishment politician to “lead” the movement(s). So now on facebook scott brown, tea party, republican fanboy pages are getting flooded with comments about him being a RINO.

If you watched Glenn Beck today February 23 2010 in the very beginning he talked about this subject, and said that the American people lied to themselves. Wow reallty the American people lied to themselves right? Well lets get the facts straight because first of all who were the people who projected and catapaulted Scott Brown onto the American/Massachussetts publics minds. Ding Ding thats right FOX news, and all the other MSM that even talked about this guy, and it’s interesting how the self-proclaimed leader of the tea party movement (FOX news) with host Glenn Beck leading the call set this whole operation up. People we need to get away from the MSM and all need to become our own news/blogger awareness/intelligence network and it is extremely easy to do with the internet so please build your own site and start getting really connected with whats going on.

So Scott Brown is in there for how many years now? All the people who elected him are just going to sit around with their tea parties and sit there for these years while he promotes the takeover/charlatans agendas? Either way if this isn’t just more evidence that the MSM networks can’t possibly ever be part of our movement no matter who they get as a talking head (glenn beck, sarah palin, other charlatans). Please never forget this because if people in the real patriot movement want to re-establish a republic instead of mob rule democracy then we will obviously have to change our perception of MSM news, and even t.v. programming teens, and adults minds on a daily basis. The T.V. should be used to spout off intel about agencies/governments who are trying to undermine our rights and republic, but if you turn the t.v. on you will never find a channel out of the 5000 there are that talk about such subjects.

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