Coffee + Tea parties = Import from 3rd world country party.

So we have grassroots tea party’s that have blown up over the last year or two, and have been numerously attacked by the left vs right paradigm establishment figure heads ever since its creation. Now we have a “coffee” movement beginning that has been started by a girl who worked directly for Obama during his run/campaign for presidency. What people need to understand is that organic grassroots traditionalism/nationalism can never really be effectively “hi-jacked” by the establishment as long as there are free citizens like myself and many others out there that are constantly calling these “fronts” out. Why would anyone want to start a movement in our country based off products that we import from 3rd world country’s? We don’t grow tea, or coffee here yet these “organic” grassroots movements claim to be from an American state. I say back off with all the propaganda especially with CNN, and other site’s bashing real grassroots movements, while propping up and supporting establishment “grassroot” groups? The dichotomy here is staggering and must be seen for what it is, and that is the basic fact that at every angle that we the people start in the “grassroot” is being targeted by the establishment in order to reign in populace dissent and return it under the banner of the LEFT VS RIGHT paradigm. For example Tea Patsy activists will and are currently already being brought back under the wing of the Repub borg thanks to people like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. People from the Coffee group will obviously be flocked back under left/democrat before anything great happens for these movements. Please book mark this article, and spread it around because I guarantee after a few months, and even perhaps a few years all of what I say here will come to fruition. If the right has the Tea party, and the left has the coffee party then I here declare the Aspartame Free Soda Party. If your interested in starting a real grassroots group that will never be HI-JACKED ever again by any establishmentarians please leave comments/e-mail me. WE are currently working this issue out and there are many angles to do this by.

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5 Responses to Coffee + Tea parties = Import from 3rd world country party.

  1. --Rick says:

    Neither of these parties, as I see it, represent the true principles of liberalism upon which the government of this nation was founded. Both extremes within the tea party and the coffee party want the same thing – a planned society. It doesn’t take a lot of thinking before one realizes that the more a society is planned, the less liberty there is for all but the planners.

    On the far left, they want a socialist government that will put us back on “The Road to Serfdom” through public (government) take over of the economy and dictating social norms. With each advance they make, liberty falls another step to the rear. Eventually, this administration will try to capture enough of the economy that it will virtually own all of it. The German government, prior to WWII owned 53% of the nation’s wealth. That was enough to threaten the wealth of everyone in the nation and to usurp power to dictate everyday life to the German people.

    On the other hand, we have the far right who blame everything on man’s frailties and seek to place the populace under a 21st century version of Christendom, which also works to put out the lights of liberty. Granted, many of the pundits of the right speak of a Judeo-Christian nation, but those in the mold of Ann Coulter, who in her remarks to Donny Deutch claimed that the Jews, with a bit of perfecting, could be as good as Christians. Those not Jewish or Christian, or who are [oh the horror] atheists are outsiders who also need perfecting. To accomplish that goal, they must be subjected to the many trials and tribulations of a pseudo-crucifixion until they come to accept Jesus as their personal savior. Until that day, they will attend schools where prayer is the norm. They will live under laws inspired by Christian beliefs as any semblence of secularism is wiped out by force, just as the left wipes out the consent of the governed by fiat – doing what is right in their view and disregarding the views of others.

    No matter who wins the culture war, ultimately, the road we are taking will lead to the world Kurt Vonnegut so eloquently described in “Harrison Bergeron”. It is a world where one person, “The Handicapper General” (played admirably, by former NOW leader turned gun toting conservative, Tammy Bruce), who forces everyone to be equal by assigning “handicaps” to offset the strengths of individuals. Strong, athletic people are weighted down to neutralize their natural abilities; people of strong mind are forced to wear head gear that supresses thinking; beautiful women are forced to wear masks to hide their beauty (sort of an infidel version of the Burka, eh?).

    Liberty is the key to a full life. The more liberty one has, the happier and more productive s/he will be (there will always be a percentage of n’er-do-well recalcitrants), and the more productive and vibrant the economy will be. This is not to say that there should be no regulation, but it is to say that whatever regulation proposed for imposition should be well thought out, communicated and understood well enough by the majority to gain the majority’s consent on all non-existential matters. Liberty breeds contentment; contentment breeds competition; competition breeds synergistically high levels of productivity; high levels of productivity by a free people provides even greater liberty and a goal for others to witness and aspire to.

    We don’t need third parties. What we need are decent people with decent motives who are familiar with the pillars upon which, the most vibrant and productive nation in the history of mankind was built. What we need are people who love liberty and who will protect it by both restraint in peace and by force in retaliation only when under attack. We need people who believe in the rule of law over and above the need and desire to manipulate the law for expediency or political gain. We need people of character, courage, industry and a believe and love in and for America.

    • boblobslaw says:


      Thank you for taking the time to post a considerably intelligent comment.

      I agree that neither party now, and the current ones in the making actually embrace the full philosophy of liberalism. Also the planned society is a less free society is very correct becuase obviously if there is a plan there are rules that go with these plans. Rules = counter productive to a free society. Obviously murder rape and high crimes would always exist so rules for the extreme punishment of infringing upon someones sovereignty, and thats one thing I believe aswell is that we must stop saying individual freedom and liberty, and start saying sovereignty. Sovereign’s don’t need stewardship for themself is the master of his domain.

      I liked ” Liberty is the key to a full life ” because there is nothing more true than that statement. If people aren’t completely sovereign with all liberty reserved for the individual then I fear for the future of mankind as a whole. Let me hope that atleast a few of us in America besides the corrupt establishment/elite’s still understand individual/national sovereignty for it is our only way forward.

      No more political parties is something I also admire because the whole idea of a party, and seperation parties = foundation for letting another bully/tyrannicals come to power. Good people with good motives will do the right thing always and we must not forget that principle. We must learn how to trust on another again and start talking and opening up so we can move on in our society, or fall and crumble.

      Rick please feel free to comment on any article you find interesting I actually look forward to your comments because they have intellect which many don’t these days. It only takes about 2 seconds at any MSM forum to see how quickly people have forgotten to always respect the freedom of speech. Not only when its in favor of yourself, but even the most unheard. In a real republic the minority’s rights are secured by nature. So aren’t the majority, but in a republic it isn’t “mob” rule democracy. Everyone has a plate at the table no matter how ” small ” you are.

      Please read my articles about the citizen media, and other things i’ve been tirelessly working for.

      • --Rick says:

        Thanks for the invitation. I’ve only had time for a cursory review and like most of what I’ve read. I will check back from time to time to read the articles you recommend. Feel free to visit my blog as well (It’s geared more toward local town politics, but I do enjoy mixing up the conversations and topics from time to time) at Best wishes and thanks for the hard work you obviously put into your blog and your writing.


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