The New York State Soda Tax

Colin Ruud-

With this country formerly being a constitutional democracy, this just stands as further evidence that we, as a country, and more obviously as a state, are pulling away from this towards a form of dictatorial socialism. What happened to no taxation, without representation? Governor Patterson decries something, and apparently its law, without the taxpayers of NY having any say in the matter. I know for a fact that the people of NY are against this tax, as my room mate has held numerous rallies protesting against it. And this is in the more rural part of northern NY, St Lawrence county. These protests apparently fall on deaf ears, as this bill pushes forward. It shouldnt be the states place to tell people what they should be eating and drinking, and they most definitely should not be able to monetarily punish the people who do choose to enjoy a soda. In reference to the article, it implies that based on the proposed tax structure, soda is more dangerous to your health than wine or beer. What kind of message does that send to children? NY state is headed in a dangerous direction, as is this country on a whole. There will come a breaking point when the people have had enough. Taxing someones soda might be just another in a string of unjust taxes, or it might be the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back, as this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of things our “elected representatives” are doing to return fiscal solvency to our bankrupt state under the guise of protecting us from ourselves. The people of NY should not have to pay any more than we have already for incompetant and corrupt leadership, who have squandered our tax dollars, only to tell us they need more from us, and then have the tenacity to dictate how theyre going to take our money. This will end badly for the state, and the country as a whole if they continue down this path, mark my words. Even in NY, with its stringent gun laws, most people in my community own a firearm… and our “representatives” should remember as much.

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2 Responses to The New York State Soda Tax

  1. Diane Thomas says:

    It has become very clear to me that the people whom we elect may have dual or multiple personalities and really none of them know what the hell they are doing. Maybe all they are able to do is listen to the whispers of Satan and his minions telling them to frustrate the people for whom they were elected to serve, to propose taxes that rob the people at every turn, to bring down local governments and hey! why not go for the state governments and then bring down the Federal government. Right now the political hotshots in the great state of New York where I was born and partly raised is hellbent on taxing soda. Wow. That is really concentrating on the issues that really matter. If my mom said, “Don’t be drinking soda, I didn’t drink soda. Hey, I didn’t drink soda for years!!! Years! Why? Because my educated mother said, “you know, its just too much sugar. Too much at once.” So, I don’t recall having more than perhaps 100 sodas in my life and that includes ice cream sodas. So, Moms and Dads everywhere just instruct your children to avoid sodas as much as possible not only for the taxation reason but also because the soda manufacturers are using aspartame and sucrolose and aspartame under the name of “aminosweet” to sweeten the sodas. Now this stuff, folks, is so damned deadly that you would perhaps use it to annihilate your ant problem right along with voting these really stupendously stupid elected officials who are amongst the world’s most useless and corrupt individuals breathing our precious air. Anyone heard of marching on the state capitol and just hanging out, blocking all the major traffic arteries, singing, clapping hands, just not moving until those jerks who call themselves our “leaders” get the messages YOU the people want THEM to do for YOU? Soda is fine every now and then. But taxation of soda…nah,,,,that’s never fine.

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