10,000 pledge “liberty migration” to NH

This is GREAT ! news finally the movement of liberty is taking root in more states than just a hand-full. Me and my fiance have been thinking about uprooting out of N.Y. and heading over to New Hampshire and this just may be the final kicker.

About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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2 Responses to 10,000 pledge “liberty migration” to NH

  1. kat says:

    omg… i miss this place… i lived there.. live free or die state… what a difference betwwen n.y and n.h…

    • boblobslaw says:


      Thanks for posting a comment and letting people know the truth! That is what everyone is looking for isn’t it? You’re comment on facebook about how they have no tax is dead on. That is why like liberty minded people are flocking there. Tax are invasive, invasion is illegal, taxes are illegal. Ha! imagine people in NY being aware of such a concept.

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