Israel could use tactical nukes on Iran

Dan Williams
March 26, 2010

Deeply concerned as it is by the risk of a nuclear-armed Iran, Israel has never even hinted at using atomic weapons to forestall the perceived threat.

But now a respected Washington think tank has said that low-radioactive yield “tactical” nuclear warheads would be one way for the Israelis to destroy Iranian uranium enrichment plants in remote, dug-in fortifications.

Despite the 65-year-old taboo against carrying out — or, for that matter, mooting — nuclear strikes, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) says in a new report that “some believe that nuclear weapons are the only weapons that can destroy targets deep underground or in tunnels.”

But other independent experts are on record warning that such a scenario is based on the “myth” of a clean atomic attack and would be too politically hazardous to justify.

Basically Israel, and the Mainstream Media have been buffering viewers minds through these kinds of headlines for quite sometime now. Everyone should be expecting either for Iran to do a strike on Israel, and Israel responding with some kind of nukes I for one believe that if this is to happen then I think it is a Israeli inside job to justify an invasion/tact nuclear strike on Iran.

Hopefully more people start waking up in these said countries and start to reign the power back to the people because their de facto governments are sure to lead us into WW3 with Israel being the center point.

Really America shouldn’t have any business politically in said regions because they are sovereign states, and peoples. Statesmen would be used in the peace process until there was a direct strike on our homeland (america). Pre-emptive wars for surely start the wars that we fear so much. With living in a free society I would rather take the responsibility and chance at them striking us first because thats the cost of freedom.

Before we figure out who “striked” us in said scenario our troops would be home to defend any other attacks. While the defence is being assembled we would have the chance to really figure out who striked us. With so many de facto governments doing inside jobs to take freedoms away from it’s own populace this job would obviously be up to the citizen’s media to figure out. Just like 911 because if people on the internet weren’t on here questioning the commission reports then we wouldn’t have a 911 truth movement.

Either way like I said please be aware that the MSM, Israel, and the lobby in washington have been hyping and preparing for a huge war in the middle east either way. Already being in Iraq, and Afghanistan some think we are already in the big war of the middle east, but believe me if something happens to Iran or Israel for that matter then there will be amuch broader war that we aren’t familiar with yet. Thanks for your time and please don’t hesitate to rate and comment.

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