Boblobslaw attacked by massive hacker insurgence

Hey guys just a quick message to let you know why there has been no new articles, or radio broadcasts this week so far. First let me start of by saying FUCK YOU to the people(s) who hacked my computer. These hackers directed a massive assault on my mother computer after Boblobslaw radio, and articles drew over thousands and thousands of viewers and listeners.

Why did they decide to attack me? I think it’s becoming personal in the realm of the interwebs in terms of people who push truthful information and other established media outlets not wanting truth pushers gaining too much web traffic and acknowledgment. Personally I think this was a hired hacker by some establishment outlets because with the traffic I started receiving the other day it would be no wonder why corporate msm would want to shut me down. Thankfully I’m 2.0 and know how to fix computers that have been infected with the worst of viruses. After cleaning up the aftermath of the attack my first prerogative was to get a post out here on the interwebs to let my quickly growing audience know what has happened. Remember that it is just me by myself doing all the work here I have one friend that randomly write’s articles now and then, but everything from the radio broadcast, site, and other networking mediums are all me by myself.

Am I a force to be reckon with?

Well if im disseminating information here that the MSM, and even some alternative media websites won’t pick up on then I would have to say yes. If there is a tight grip on the media medium and people who don’t believe the MSM go to the alternative, and then trust the alternative once as they trusted the MSM doesn’t help the people who are newly awakened. Site’s like this are totally not wanted because I expose this concept and gain a captivated audience because I really am breaking the paradigm.

Alternative site’s still pushing the RIGHT VS LEFT agenda claiming to be alternative is hypocrisy, and needs to be called out for what it is. FAUX news, and a whole borg of other site’s fall directly into this category and this needs to end. Please bookmark this and pay attention to this site because I do have a big audience gathering to listen and read however if I am under constant attack by establishment hackers then I will never be able to keep up with whats going on and let the public know whats going “down”.

Don’t worry about your computer becoming infected with the virus just by visiting this site because as you can see I have no scripts or prompts that would allow access to your computer. There is no advertising, no virus’s, no bullshit. I’m just here saying and stating the obvious truths about humanity that a lot of people still can’t see. If anything you would think hackers would be on my side since I don’t ridicule and persecute them. That might just start to change though because it seems that some hackers don’t see the lines between the corporate MSM liars and grassroots citizen journalists.

Thanks for visiting and please rate comment im sure my audience will enjoy any input any person(s) has.


About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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