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Articles of Freedom –

A comment from infowars that I found profoundly true and inspiring today.
April 1st, 2010 at 11:25 pm

Fact is, most people drawing welfare now are white families. So how is it racist for anyone who is fiscally conservative to say “Hey, I believe in hand ups, not hand outs” or “You can fish for a man and feed him once, or teach him how to fish and he’ll feed himself for a lifetime?”

I’ve been actively searching for employment for a pretty good long while now, and its becoming increasingly harder and harder to find work

But they think “rhetoric like that” is “racist”

Faux news channels: NBC ABC CBS FOX CNN MSNBC – EVEN CSPAN are all biased now. Its a gross misrepresentation of the public interests.

It truly makes me f—ing sick to my stomach

Articles of Freedom Reply:

April 1st, 2010 at 11:28 pm

I refuse to be on welfare, I’d rather grow my own food……… but you know whats f—ed up, is that they want to limit even THAT with codex alimentarius laws,

I’ll just keep growing my own food and f— living off of welfare, I’d rather be self sufficient!

And Monsanto, the antichrist GMO seedbank company who’ve developed “terminator seed”……… disgusting…….

Its no wonder people are disgusted with government bullying, corporatism, globalism….. the list goes on and on

Articles of Freedom Reply:

April 1st, 2010 at 11:29 pm

I applaud Alex Jones for supporting for people to grow their own food, I just wish people would stop being naive and would start taking growing our own food seriously because until we remove ourselves from globalist dependancy, they’ll keep getting bigger, and bigger, and more intrusive and more instrusive into our daily lives.


Articles of Freedom Reply:

April 1st, 2010 at 7:49 pm

Its obvious that Alan Colmbs is desperate, just like all the other Bilderberg and Illuminati, they want to discredit any third party by screaming out “racist racist racist” – truth be known most of us wouldn’t give a damn if the president was black, white, jewish, hispanic…… as long as he was born here as a legal, natural citizen. Their only argument is that people are racist for being concerned about honesty, coverups, …….. but anytime anybody expresses any kind of concern they decide to run “hit pieces” to try to sway public opinion.

Alan Colmbs, stop being a tool.

Bill Mahr, stop buying the crap the mainstream media is feeding you. Not everyone involved is racist. I know you’re more intelligent than that, come on. Stop buying into everything they’re telling you. Of course mainstream media is going to villainize any kind of third party movement and say its all “racists” – singling out the entire movement because of a handful of dumb f—s that have already been denounced. We aren’t racists. We aren’t calling for violence. Its all psyops by the f—ing government to destroy any chance of third party winning election because they feel threatened that 2012 may be the year the Bilderberg lose control, so they’re in a rush to get every kind of NWO legislation passed.

Articles of Freedom Reply:

April 1st, 2010 at 7:52 pm

And questioning the legitimacy of the citizenship of the president doesn’t mean people are necessarily f—ing racist, its a genuine reason to be concerned because if its true, it is violation of the constitution.

Its not that I give a f— if the president is black or not

But there really is a difference between a certificate of live birth and an actual birth certificate, and the “certificate of live birth” isn’t even stamped by a notary public. How can anything without a stamp be legitimate? Every birth certificate I’ve seen had to be stamped by some notary public.

How the f— is that racist? I don’t get it

Articles of Freedom Reply:

April 1st, 2010 at 7:55 pm

And thats not calling for extremism or hatred or anything like that…. but it is calling for people to stop accepting everything the mainstream media throws at them and says “HEY THIS INFORMATION WE THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA PRESENT TO YOU IS 100% FACT – IF YOU DISAGREE WITH US, YOU ARE A f—ING WHITE CRACKER KKK CROSS BURNING RACIST!!!”

I smell the bulls— in the air and its f—ing disgusting

Some of my best friends are black you stupid f— Alan Colmbs

Articles of Freedom Reply:

April 1st, 2010 at 11:02 pm

By the way….. I want to re-affirm, I don’t care about race or color or sex or whatever, I’m equal opportunity all the way, but I think its a mess when people instantly assume everyone who is afraid of the New World Order are “racists”

When I woke up, and when I started investigating government corruption, and I looked back on the speeches that G.H.W.Bush gave, Clinton, George W…… and started taking it in…. it scared the hell out of me. What can I say? Its not right that these politicians collude together in secrecy with their secret clubs and secret societies and discuss things that they won’t let the media or press have access to, and bribe the media or buy them off, or plant CIA shills in their midst. Its messed up, the whole thing is just horrible.

Theres plenty of reason to be conserned. But I’m not afraid anymore. I once was. But not now. I see that lots and lots of people are waking up all together. Its time for legislation to eliminate Bilderberg influence in our Western Culture. Its time for legislation to completely illegitimize and ban any kind of special interest group, clandestine politics, secrecy, lies, hidden agendas, dirty politics, collusive planning that can’t be covered by all forms of media….. these things must be banned because we should have complete freedom of information when it deals with how they’re going to try to control our lives.

We deserve to know, we don’t deserve censorship and blackouts. We deserve sunshine and light, not shadow and despair. We deserve to know the truth in full transparency. Thats my biggest concern.

My biggest concern is LIES that constantly happen in Washington.

Why is it Obama promised that he’d give the people 5 days minimum to read legislation thats going to be brought before the House, but then he flip flops and changes his mind and just decides to rush through it all without even letting the people read whats going on?

But I guess thats what the mainstream media wants to portray, is only the negative side. They don’t want to portray us as having legitimate questions, no. They want to go out of their way to try to make any concerns we have seem as if it has no merit.

its basically just a flip flop on promises made. I’m not calling for anything but peace, love, and harmony. I’m tired of f—ing being at war, I’m tired of the NWO trying to bankrupt America, I’m tired of the Federal Reserve pushing us into stressful situations. I’m tired of all these bad things happening in the world, but really bad things happening here domestically too, and they’re getting treated as if they’re a non-issue…… things like police corruption, government lobbying, bribes…… killing innocent people, all these things going on in our country….. like the innocent black man Sean Bell who was unarmed was shot 50 times by 3 police officers who got away with murder….. while maybe he deserved to be arrested or detained for questioning…. is police brutality like this thats going on allllllllllllll around the entire United States called for???????? But yet, NOTHING is DONE to eliminate corruption from within, and instead further and further laws are passed to let the authority completely degrade a citizen’s rights.. The cops involved didn’t even get so much as manslaughter brought up against them……. So I assume by mentioning that, I must be racist too, because I want justice in the world, but the government sweeps it under the rug??? Even though that happened in 2006…

Whats that one law that they passed that limits insider investigation? Alex spoke of it with that former FBI agent/whistleblower…. there are laws like that cropping up all over the place taking away citizens rights. And thats not calling for violence, its calling for citizens awareness, its calling for peace, its calling for constructiveness in restoration of justice, not lashing out with violence and acting crazy and rioting like a bunch of uncivilized goons! If we act that way, how the hell is it making progress in society? Its only being detrimental to our cause! We have to rally together in peace, not in war, we need a velvet revolution, not all out f—ing chaos!

Articles of Freedom Reply:

April 1st, 2010 at 11:39 pm

One more little piece of clarification, under the rules and guidelines that Mr Alan says there….

Alan, look dude…

If the president was born in GERMANY or ENGLAND or RUSSIA or FRANCE or ITALY or anywhere thats considered “a caucasian race” and came here to run for president and lied about it, it would be a concern to me!!! Because the constitution says you must be a natural born citizen to be president.

I’m not racist, I don’t discriminate based on race color sex nationality or anything like that…….

But I go by what the constitution our forefathers gave to us. I didn’t write it. Our forefathers did.

Its not “unfair”

Its basically reaffirming in order to be president and in order to truly be eligible, you must be a natural-born citizen, not an ex-patriot, because of fear of serving two separate authorities.


I don’t give a f— about color!!! I’m colorblind!!

I just don’t want our politicians serving two roles……… two political chairs, which is obviously happening

And is a breach of the constitution

The Bible says you cannot serve two masters for you will love one and hate the other, or despise one and love the other.

I want our politicians to worry about domestic policies rather than globalist agenda!

I don’t give a f— about race! As most of us don’t!

I wouldn’t want Arnold Schwarzenegger to be president!!! He’s white! Am I racist still Alan? You dolt!

This whole rant was inspired by this interview with Alan Colmes on FAUX news

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