The BBQ Movement ?!?!

So I’ve had a few articles and a lot of comments suggesting that the MSM and the grassroot movements I.e. Tea party, and Coffee party have been hi-jacked by the establishment insiders.

Real patriots and true freedom loving libertarians know who started the real movement, and who will still promote the real paradigm no matter who hi-jacks these movements.

I’m thinking about starting a local BBQ Movement where i’ll invite everyone in the town to come and enjoy what will be a gathering of like-minded individuals who are just concerned about our country, government, and not the politics that engulf the minds of the simpletons/sheeple that actually keep the tyranny of the centralized federal government going on forever I.e. Left VS Right, or Republican Vs Democrat. Our motto can be ” Come get roasted at the BBQ movement ” directed at political establishment, and other movements lead by corporate establishment types.

At these bbq’s we can eat, do speeches, chit chat and eat again ofcourse on great delights because we are going to ask people to bring some kind of edible items with them. Yes something like a potluck bbq for the people to gather around a real truth that we can all familiarize with. Bring cheese and crackers, or in my case I will supply a soda fountain, and hopefully the NYS Soda Tax won’t be instiututed before these events start happening because I think this is something we as communities should start doing anyways.

If we can get people who are sided with the real truth and can see past all the political dichotomies that have brought us here to start these movements and bbq’s in their own towns then I think we can start getting something really great established instead of all the bickering that is keeping us in the current state of a skipping record. Real “on the ground americans” know the real truth about the situation our country is facing no matter what FAUX, CNN, MSNBC, and all the other corporate controlled opposition MSM outletts have to say about anything as a matter of fact. Actually this is quite funny because I do this blog and my radio show for free without advertising anything to my audience and I received more “hits” on this blog than Wolf Titshurtz gets on CNN show any given day.

Anyways I am looking forward to this movement gaining momentum with many people in America and will be updating it frequently. Possibly when I do my first BBQ Movement Gathering even a youtube vid of the event, and ahh heck maybe even a radio broadcast from there as well. Why not put everything into it when you really know what your supporting, and it’s so simple. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of ” hard work ” involved, but if you love what you do then the work doesn’t seem “hard” at all.

If you’re having hardships in your country you too can also start a BBQ movement, and really let people know what the people are thinking. Just remember to get everyone turned onto the new citizen’s media where the truth is flourishing and make a really good treat for everyone who shows !

About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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