Michelle Obama : Kenya is Obama’s Home Country.


Obama’s wife admits what many have long suspected — her husband’s home country is Kenya. Does this mean Obama was born in the African country as many have long suggested? Maybe. It should be enough to re-open the “birther” case against Obama. It won’t be, of course, because the establishment media controls the debate over the issue. Even so, the video clip below should be added to the case — that is so long as it remains posted on YouTube.


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2 Responses to Michelle Obama : Kenya is Obama’s Home Country.

  1. VI-Marx says:

    Of course nothing will be done about this. However, it now paves the way for the Governator to run for the oval office, and he will probably win.

    • boblobslaw says:

      That is dead on Vi-Marx because the Governator has said many times that he “wishes” that he could run for the oval office, but also how he wouldn’t be able to accomplish this because everyone knows he’s not a native born American. Just imagine if the same where true for Obamanator ? Forget about racism forget about all the seperation tactics that the establishment uses to keep us confused and divided. The truth is as easy to see as is common sense to the one who has it. The Real Truths are something that all of us can unite under.

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