Russian Suicide Bomber Attacks Police Station in Russian Province of Ingushetia

RIA Novosti
April 5, 2010

At least 13 people were injured in a series of two explosions in Russia’s volatile southern province of Ingushetia, a local investigative committee spokesman said.

The first blast was carried out by a suicide bomber, who set off an explosive device when he was stopped by security guards at the gates of a police station, killing two police officers and injuring another four.

The second bomb, which was in a VAZ 2112 car stolen in the Ukrainian region of Donetsk and parked opposite the police station in Karabulak, was activated by an unidentified person from a distance. The blast, equivalent to 50 kg TNT, occurred when an investigative group was inspecting the scene.

“As a result of a first explosion two police trainees were killed and another four injured,” the spokesman said. “After the car explosion nine people were injured – seven police officers, the deputy prosecutor of the Karabulak police and one civilian.”

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