Establishment Democrats Attempting to Hi-Jack Indy Movement. (PLEASE SPREAD)

Establishmentarian Democrats have hired Dr. Giulio Cavallo, the leader of the Westchester Independence Party for $55,000 in an attempt to Hi-Jack the current Indy movement that is growing rapidly at this point.

“Travis Proulx, a spokesman for the Senate Democratic Majority, confirmed that Cavallo was given the job last month to do “community outreach” for the Senate Democrats.”

Now why would Democrats need to hire a Independent Aligned Politico in order to acheive “community outreach” one may ask. This is because the esatblishmentarians on both sides (left vs right / demo vs repub) can forsee their futures apparently. The Independent and third party movement is becomming more maintsream by the day sure, but are Independents going to allow the hi-jacking of their traditions and values by establishmentarian charlatons?

The article goes on

” Cavallo’s gig is not the fist time he’s wound up on the Senate payroll. In 2006, the Senate Republicans – then in the majority – hired Cavallo as a community aide to then-Sen. Serphin Maltese, of Queens. That job was widely seen in Westchester political circles as way ensure that Cavallo gave the party line to then-Sen. Nicholas Spano of Yonkers.”

So not only has Cavallo previously worked for Republicans in attempted “community outreach” programs but, also now is being targetted by mainline democrats to do the same job.

If this doesn’t spell out clearly what our country has become then there’s no other way to put. For those of you that don’t understand let me make this a little clearer for your confused soul.

The Republicans, and Democrats (left vs right) are of the same party, it’s called the one party system with two branches(right/left). One party systems are monarch/oligarch and lead to tyrannies.

They use left vs right rep vs dem in order to segregate the minds of the free peoples so they can keep abusing and usurping the divine just powers we have enhanced them with through the voting process.

Stories like this just further prove this to be true and this is not an opinion this is fact because if establishment republicans used Cavallo for “community outreach”, and the democrats are using the same guy for their progam of “community outreach” then it’s plain to see.

I have written a few articles about the current political paradigm that has entrenched the minds of many Americans. This paradigm of left vs right , and rep vs dem will be ended in our lifetimes for it has not helped us progress as a nation but has allowed major tyrannies to exsist while we the people sit around bickering about “party politics”.

Now is the time to leave that paradigm in the past and live in the real paradigm that we have seem to forgotten about as a FREE loving peoples.

The real paradigm is Freedom Vs Tyranny because everyone is free naturally, people aren’t born democrats or republicans however they are born free. Governments that no longer listen to the will of the people which was extremely obvious under Bush, and became even more obvious under Obama are tyrannies, and must be looked at for what they are.

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