Gun Rallies Around US Set to Start April 19, 2010

Nathan Griffith

Gun rallies and protestors will take to the streets in a national call to capture an audience with the peoples attention to the massive gun awakening grassroots America has seen as of late.

The rally/protests will be held in Washington D.C., and V.A. April 19, 2010 and are expected to have expansive crowds show up. I know for a fact that the protest in V.A. is going to be a open carry event. Organic open carry styled gun reformation groups have also become a trend with the homebase American crowd, and I must agree with them that the right not just own weapons, but the right to buy, sell, fabricate weapons is an inalienable right. It’s funny however I own no firearms at this point in my lifetime, but many of my friends do.

Some comments from the rally for V.A. protest seem like people could possibly becomming over excited about a possible confrontation with the feds at these events.

One commentator state’s:

“Good. Let it become clear what the Enemy’s intentions are. The wire must, sooner than later, be tripped. Those who hope to avoid bloody conflict are deluding themselves.

What happens if the authorities command you all to cease and desist? Disperse or be arrested? What are you prepared to do in the event it turns that way? What exactly is the remedial civics lesson here?

Lexington and Concord, anyone?

The disparity of force, and of will and intent, is about the same as in 1776.

Or, it is not which, in that case, I do not give a damn.

Live on your feet or die on your knees.

Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to die”

So it looks like some people who attend the event are aware and debating whether this could turn into a Lexington and Concord styled event which I hope doesn’t for the sake of the peacefull people that will have their lives endangered if such things took place.

What i’m also concerned about is insider co-opter charleton’s block ops agent provacateurs styled groups infiltrating these gun groups just as they have done with most other grassroots organizations. They usually stir up trouble at protests and events and this again has been proven endlessly over and over again that tyrannical governments infiltrate the very movements that desire to bring the tyranny down. So if you’re attending any of these protest be sure to watch out for such activities and be sure to catch it on video camera and send it to youtube, and myself as fast as possible.

As time winds down towards these rally days it isn’t hard to see how this whole operation could be turned on it’s head. Someone show me where protesting, and rallying ever worked to get corrupt elected politicians to listen! Seriously send me the link please, and not something from the revolution our founders fought i’m talking about relevent material.

I’m not saying to not do it though so don’t take me wrong because I myself too protest for just causes every once in a while but only do it for the benefit of awareness. Always held the belief that if even a small group of thinkers could catch onto what I or anyone else was protesting about then eventually justice will be served. It’s what we infowarriors call ” Planting seeds ” in peoples mind because this revolution to us is going to take place in between the ears of the people instead of in the form of blood in the streets. We really create our own realities and if all you think about is guns and fear then that just may manifest in your life, but if you focus on the postivies of bringing about the fundamental changes we all want instead and perhaps we just may do that. Have easily transitional fundamental changes back to a constitutional republic or a better servicing democrazy.

Revolutions in foreign countries taking place at a higher frequency (two in the last week) and a more global acknowledgment of such information just seem to be setting the stage for something serious to happen. More serious than what the gun protestors and everyone that has had problems with the government before could ever think of.

This isn’t some kind of sick and cruel joke these people (our tyrannical governments) if wanted to crack back down on the revolutionaries in our own country. Theres no telling what “they” could use; Perhaps the most powerful scientific establishment ever known to mankind against the grassroots of our country with the kind of weaponry that would make sci-fi look old school. We must all be enlightened and become so familiar with these kinds of thinking and schools of thought because it is the future.


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