A real representative of the people.

How would it be if someone who was a product of the current system and all their flaws that could see a better path for everyone based on freedom, and liberty for all people no matter what.

With the awakening of the libertarian core in America it’s obvious that not only are Republicans, but also now Democrats are going to be ousted as the libertarian/independent awakening expands daily. Not only in America, but globally what we are doing here is echoing throughout many peoples minds in the world.

A candidate that wouldn’t vote on legislation unless he had intelligence derived out of intelligence gathered from the constituents and only followed that platform. In lamens a candidate that did what he was told to do by his voters. Does that actually sound like it should be so hard to accomplish? For me at first it was no, but it’s as obvious as the sun coming up in the morning that republicans and democrats have slowly eroded the rights and freedoms of all peoples in New York, and the rest of America for quite some time.

Personally I have always wanted to represent the people because all of the trickery, and lies that go into “traditional” rep or dem campaigns. You know what i’m talking about you know the million dollar advertisement campaigns and the paid for “volunteers” that go out and do grassroot work.

Thats why I have never took up the idea to run for anything even city council, but as the new election cycle starts speeding up, and I see more of the same “business as usual” already taking root for the next cycle makes me really eager and wonder if I could actually get people to get active enough to actually put a people person back in charge.

With more people becoming politically awakened it’s not hard to think that this possibility could come to fruition, and this is because a majority of Americans are FED up with the business as usual (tarp, bailouts, insurance, auto, banks, wall street, wars abroad with no sight in end) and are leaving the democrat and republican parties in grooves.

Some of these dissenters don’t realize it yet, but they are representing the best part about our country and our democracy/republic, and that is the right to dissent against tyranny. It has been a long time since a truly awakened populace has disengaged the one party two armed duopoly, and has truly started to look at other routes.

The Tea Party is very important as well for there are many libertarians and independents since we are the ones who created the movement.

There aren’t a lot of people who are standing up at this point and taking the lead for the newly awakened patriots. This is where the republican, and even the democrats can figure out ways to re capture the patriots and bring them back in under the “Borg”. We need government that actually performs, and a media that can report on how it’s performing. It’s too obvious that the indoctrinated neo-cons and liberals no matter what will keep business as usual no matter how much they try to appeal to the true grassroots awakening.

What I really need is for people who read what I write, and listen to what I say start to talk back to me because if I were to ever represent a people other than myself and family I would need mass communication between me and my family before I make any important decisions. Shouldn’t the same be for government and our representation? This is something I take true to heart over most things because I do trust people, and have good relationships that have preformed exceedingly well based off of simple trust, and common sense.

If you would like someone who was the equivalent to a best friend, or someone you could share your views and positions on issues throughout the communities and country furthermore the world then I swear to you that would be me. All one has in this world is their word and bond which republicans and democrats have taken for granted for way too long. Abusing ans usurping this divine and organic relationship will lead to situations that I speak off you know the political awakening at a true grassroots level. Not some fabricated establishment movement that they’ve tried so hard to manifest, but won’t because the people know.

Please leave messages and let me know if you’re interested in starting a real grassroots effort to get this country back on track !


About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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