Is Technology More Important Than Humanity.

In the video above Alex Jones from Infowars tortures and mames apples new Ipad in an attempt to awaken humanity to the fact that we are more focused and involved with inanimate objects than we are about humanity.

I laughed histyrically for a few moments in the beginning because this is a very effective concept that jones has manifested here. Sure there are many books, and like-minded people who have talked about the techno takeover of humanity’s soul. Jone’s however has created his own masterpiece here that I believe a lot of people will be able to relate to it. Not the *techsters of course because if anything they will take offense to a video of their trendy now being “in” Ipad being destroyed. Imagine the excuses and comments these losers are going to think up. Instead of focusing on the negative commenting that is going to ensue I’m going to envision good comments that could be tagged to this video in youtube’s comments section for it.

” Get a life not an Ipad ”

” Wake up to the Techster takeover ”

” There are innocent people being tortured abroad because of our military and tyrannical presidents past and present, and all you care about is some Ipad? ”

You get the idea hopefully because if you believe in humanity and people then obviously it’s not going to be hard to perceive the message here.

People who aren’t a full-fledged techster should learn a code of conduct with their objects of fascination just to make sure that the technology they so admire doesn’t rule over their life someday. Like telling the person what to do and how to think is what I’m thinking in a most disastrous scenario. This code of conduct should have one main rule, and no others. Rules suck as it is so let’s make this one easy and very short.

Rule #1
Keep all technology on a very short leash/chain/electric shock collar.

And a principle we should keep with respecting this rule is.

Keep your family, friends, and neighbors closer because humanity is more important than the current “trendz lolz”

*Techster (Pronounced: Texters) – A person(s) that has allowed themselves to become completely encircled by inanimate technology trinketz,and has lost all humanity. The techsters favor whatever the current “trendz” are over humanity.
I.e.: My fiance was on FML(F*ck My Life) app on her Ipad the other day. One of the comments posted stated how some girl lost her boyfriend because he wanted to have more time to use his Ipad.

Talk about people loosing their humanity.

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I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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1 Response to Is Technology More Important Than Humanity.

  1. udtlearner says:

    Humans make it,and use it…So,don’t let engineers weaken your self awareness.
    They lose awareness with lame thinking while producing it.

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