How to get people to comment on your articles.

So this is a dilemma i’m sure a lot of writers, journalists, and bloggers a like come across in their journeys trying to reach the masses. In my personal experience this far it seems that a lot of people visit my site and view several different articles, but there’s no comment. Somedays I get around 1000 hit’s, and maybe one or two comments.

Really though I am completely new to blogging and writing in general and may not be correctly schooled in the way of making the successful blog, but why am I getting so many hits? Could this be some kind of in between the “hit or miss” example that some people use in explaining if your blog is going to be successful or not.

I’m not selling anything here but my words, and they’re free for all who want to see, but at some point in time I plan on releasing my works and they will be free too. However I will supply a platform for serious readers and followers to purchase my creations if they would ever so desire.

When I created this blog I figured I would just mirror all the ridiculous news that goes on around the world that nobody talks about anywhere else on the net. Besides that throw in some personal views and opinions on all sorts of events local and worldly. Sometimes I do searches of articles I have genuinely posted and have found duplicates that people have just copied and no plug in sight of my site. Oh well that’s how the world works isn’t it.

Could people be using my content and generating an income revenue from what is posted here? This is a question I think everyone should think about when getting into the blogosphere because there are more people trying to steal then people who are genuinely knowledgeable and creative. Make sure that wherever you host your site’s that your info is copyrighted just for your own security. If your like me you won’t care if people hi-jack you words with no mention.

If you notice here at this blog I 99% of the time if I’m posting about other peoples articles I most certainly include many a plug to the main source of the content i’m rationalizing.

Perhaps it’s the flow of writing that catches some people, but by the end they aren’t interested in commenting on anything.


You start out interested and intrigued, but then as it goes on by the time it’s finished you feel you know pretty much what is needed to know thus no need to put any comments/input.

Perhaps it is the writers mistakes because they don’t proofread or check their work before it’s published.

Make sure you proofread, and if you see mistakes in other peoples posts and work make sure to let them know. Don’t let them know on their comments section because it makes people look bad when they aren’t necessarily. E-mail them discretely because people like Einstein and tesla couldn’t write worth a damn either and look how genius they were. If the writers you write to about mistakes ect don’t fix, and or start to recognize then just stop paying attention to them.

Either way I hope this kind of helps some people out in the blogosphere and the overall web in general because there are many questions that go unanswered it seems. The questions that do go unanswered are the questions that will bridge the gap between what the real fans and users of your blog will fully become connected(commenting/starting/par-taking in conversations).

Feel free to repost this article to your site’s and see if it helps generate traffic and or comments because I know a lot of users out there are interested and thinking about the same things we are.


About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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