Fanning the Flames of Thinking.

From time to time I’ve been known to do some writing about ideas that I think up when i’m bored. These ideas that I speak of are triggered by a process I do while I’m bored, and even sometimes when I’m not bored. It’s called thinking !

Wait though, is thinking really easy to do for one and not an other, and this is why there isn’t viral website’s about great ideas? Well if you come up with a great idea and everyone likes it and wants to see it come to fruition. Some may think wow I wish I could come up with something great. Others are too busy to sit around searching for great ideas and want to become part of a great movement.

Well first of all you must stop thinking in terms of “you wishing you could think up, and or invent create something great.” It’s not that it’s extremely easy to do, but if you have an imagination, common sense, and intuition then obviously you know that anything is possible. If you’re thinking like this then you need to step it up a notch and start visualizing places, people, things, services that people want. Start thinking abstractly about things that could intertwine and weave together to form better communities, networks, and communication.

Like the last article I wrote about a theoretical ” Blogger/social networking convention day ” that could be local all the way to global. With so many people tuned in and not knowing what the next step is in our digital evolution is this may be the time to start opening the flood gates of thinking.

I came to this idea very simple here is how it went down:

1. I thought about everyone in the social networking sphere’s, and how we can connect on an even greater level (in person)
2. I researched about Blogger conventions thinking ” Oh there must be one even baby killers and murder’s get their yearly holiday/convention”
3. It turned out that there isn’t a universal convention for the social network minded peoples. WordPress, and other social site’s host their own annual parties.
4. What about a convention where wordpress, blogger, stumbleupon, and all the users of any social network can gather and meet up was my first thought after the realization.
5. If murders, and baby rapists get ” Murder, and baby rapists Convention day ” Then I sure as hell want at least even if it starts out small “Social Network Convention Day”
6. Here I am writing this article about “fanning the flames of thinking”
7. What to do now?

Basically I have a lot of hand written notebooks with not only business ideas, but ideas that are going to come to fruition whether we want them too or not. At this point I’m sure a lot of people want certain ideas to come to fruition, and this is why I’m writing this.

Over time as more people become involved in some of the ideas and movements I’m talking about on here then I will do more releases with bigger ideas and see how a more intrigued audience feels about them.

If you like anything that is presented in this article leave a comment/idea, and if you hate or dislike anything about it you can leave a comment/idea also. I accept all forms of speech and communication so we can more thoroughly understand each other in these times.

It’s been over a year TODAY, and i’m just wondering! Is anyone flaming the thought progress !?!?!?!?


About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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One Response to Fanning the Flames of Thinking.

  1. Diane Thomas says:

    Well, being that I actually love to write, Bob, your phrase “fanning the flames of thought” appeals to me right where it should. I like the idea of bloggers having a convention day. I wish there was a way to actually have an Internet Convention where anyone can be seen and heard from their computers. There would have to be a moderator and of course, numerous guest speakers/information sharers, teachings etcetera with access for everyone to comment, say hi or bye, or add their comments.. . This could be in addition to actually traveling to a convention hall for the purpose of physically meeting fellow bloggers. Social Networks are highly beneficial especially for the force of Good and Greater. Very good idea, Bob.

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