Provacative thought. “Blogger/social network convention day”

NObody has thought of the blogger/social media convention yet yea you know what i’m talking about. Like an expo of sorts where bloggers in their communities can gather for one day for mass information sharing, product advertising, and perhaps sales. I’ve done some quick searches through google, yahoo, and bing and have found several blogger styled conventions, but they are of their own “kind”. What I mean by kind is that for example: WordPress puts on conventions in designated areas I’m sure the management team decides, but I wonder how come they haven’t thought about setting up and orchestrating a serious gathering of the social media’s.

Perhaps I’ll take this idea up, but I am only one person so if this sound interesting to you please contact me right here through the blog. Imagine the possibilities of putting on some kind of event. Everyone has some kind of social networking account and a good-sized minority of the overall user group of these platforms that would probably love to attend some kind of said event.

There are many angles that should be used in order to attack this problem because that is how I’m looking at it right now is as a problem and this is why.
First of all any other people or groups that have anything in common have their special day’s where they get to celebrate their work, and or hobbies. Why can’t social medium perpetuators have ours?

Second is that I believe that with nearly most of the American and some worldly populations take part in perpetuating the social network mediums. Someone has a myspace facebook, and or blog. Not only that but they want to have a physical meeting with all the people they interact with in their networks.

This idea I believe has some great potential please let me know if you want in on it.

About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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3 Responses to Provacative thought. “Blogger/social network convention day”

  1. Jeff says:

    I would attend if there was one in my area . I am an Alex Jones fan and try to spread the word as much as possible . I find too many still confused and unaware of the brainwashing by the mainsteam media .

    The TEA party seems to have the right idea . I joined their website to show support .

    • boblobslaw says:

      I’m indifferent to join any group because I have wittnessed the birth of these grassroots movements, and not only helped spread awareness in my opinion but also sit back and watch how agents from the media and governments try and “hi-jack” the movements. Thus far it seems the tea party has been infiltrated, but most of the tea partiers still aren’t allowing the neo-cons or neo-libs to represent the grassroot movement.

      Either way if we’re freeman on the land then we shouldn’t have to be “politically” affiliated with any such terms and structures.

      A easy example of this mindset is to picture the Republican Vs Democrat that we live in right now and all the problems this paradigm has brought upon the people.

      Tea parties, and other grassroot movements start and the MSM pay’s attention to two of them. Ofcourse the Tea party, but not only them, the coffee party starts to gain noteiriaty. If the tea party and coffee party are the new political parties then all I see is a re-invention of the wheel.. uhhum Reinvention of the 2 system paradigm (rep vs demm).

      The only reason I still think about this is because I’m scared that the Tea party will just be the new republican platform, and the coffee party will be the new demo platform.

      A majoy change needs to take place but not in governments of man. The change needs to take place in between the populaces ear’s.

      Like you said people are still wheening off of their MSM life milk lines. Some are finding it hard to break the paradigm. However to others breaking the paradigm, and beginning a great era of freedom and liberty sounds very comfortable and familiar. Read our history as a nation and these words not only speak for the one who writes them (me), but likewise to a whole cast of peoples who don’t affiliate with specific media, and “politics” so much. They affiliate with freedom, liberty, truth.(All people)

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