Tea Party Kicks Out Real Patriots

I don’t agree with some of the language used in this clip, but either way his speech is protected under the 1st. Nobody should ever be put in a “Free Speech Zone” because of their signs or words coming out of the mouth.

What The Fuck is a Free Speech Zone anyways. If all land in the United State’s is Sovereign then all sovereign people of the united states have the right to speak about whatever they want wherever they want, and nobody can do anything about it. If nobody likes his speech then they could boo him away, or even move the event themselves. Either way I don’t agree with the actions of the Tea Party, and I haven’t agree with the tea party ever since it’s hi-jacking just like the WAC member says in the video.


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1 Response to Tea Party Kicks Out Real Patriots

  1. jeff says:

    I believe in free speech but crashing an event is removing the free speech rights of others we dont agree with . We free speech advocates must learn not to be rude . Let them have their say and then take our turn . That is how it is done

    The two party system is corrupt and both owned by the same . The tea party must not let itself be hijacked
    If they can maintain what Ron Paul set out to do the American people will win .

    The TEA Party will be infiltrated with N W O moles to destroy or change it and they will have to survive that

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