The Sheeple Survival Guide

It’s the beginning of a new millenia, and everyone is worried about all kinds of dilemma ranging from alien invasion all the way to zombie uprisings. The Sheeple Survival Guide introduces you to a more realistic scene that we’re living in today. Are you ready to sacrifice your freedom and liberty for a unruly global technocracy made by yours truly the shadow elite? The Sheeple Are ! As globalists and new age dictators scramble to incrementally push the public into accepting this new age soft tyranny. A new breed of humanitarian is forming at an extremely fast pace. The Sheeple Survival Guide will be the answer to many questions that are going to be asked over the coming years. Aimed at the complacent and ever growing apathetic populace. By informing yourself of the current epidemic then you will have prior knowledge and power. Therefore allowing you to enhance not only your reality, but other realities in your own circle of influence. While trying to fend off this sheeple apocalypse.

This is my first book ever, and to the most fluent eyes will most likely find some “mistakes”, but let me promise you personally that I’m currently in the works of getting massive amounts of art from all of my friends and influences in my life. After I’m complete with the current revision i’m currently doing which will be 3 – 6 months then I will release the 2nd edition that will entice, and grab your attention of wanting to keep the sheeple at bay.

This first “rough” edition will eventually not have many copies in circulation because after I release the second revised edition I’m sure the majority of readers are going to wait for that one instead of getting this first original “rough” version.

Also if you’ve been visiting my site for a while and have caught on to my random radio broadcasts that I do then you will be hearing more information about The Sheeple Survival Guide, and many other works that I currently have in progress.

If anyone is upset at all I will appreciate all negative and positive feedback on this website until The sheeple survival guides mains site is complete.

Thank you for participating in the grand awakening and I hope all my fellow humanitarian infowarriors out there get a laugh and a bit of reality out of the book.

You can download your own copy for $4.00, or order a paperback copy for $15.00 here Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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