Not a post in the last week or two… Start something great

Sorry about not posting in the last few weeks I have been busy finding work because there will be no tier 5 for the federal unemployment extensions. It’s funny how I talk of tyranny and how our government is a soft version of nazism, but really come on. Over the 5 years I worked I paid in much more taxes then I received back in unemployment benefits. They shouldn’t be called benefits they should be called rights. People if we pay a tax to our government they better grant us more rights in returns. Not benefits and privileges because the government can take them away whenever they want. More and more it seems they are taking our rights away, and the people who get lost in the loop just turn to the street, crime rates go up, and everyone wonders what happened.

It won’t be the “Tea Party” that is going to wake the federal monster up and get it to obey the people. It’s going to be the unemployed that are cut off and still no jobs for them with Obama’s Jobs for America plan. When all these people and their families are living in the streets than and only then will you see a real change/revolution. The good man who hasn’t the ability to naturally prosper and succeed and supply for his family will instantly turn into a criminal that will do anything to feed and defend his family. It’s called reality people why do you think there is so much “Crime” and other “bad” things that happen in our world.

We all need to change our perceptions and awareness and take control of our lives destinies families and the soul of the planet and rear it in the right direction.

Things like this take time, but as what I call the ” sleeping giant ” wakes up and is fully motivated and hungry (starving masses of unemployed) then will man descend on his masters with the force greater than what some call the almighty. They, yes those who control the strings of this suspended animation better wake up to the real inhabitants needs and wants or they will get dealt a blow from creation.

All the people want is peace and security.

If there is no jobs then man can’t succeed and have peace and security thus naturally forcing him into a fight or flight situation where either you will starve and beg from the other masses, or will rise up and strike back at that in which made humanity so destructive and coerced the very nature of our good will.

It’s not just tier 5 of the unemployment masses that get the chop, every time they have new unemployment numbers they never count the ones who got “chopped” off. So think back all the years and think about the masses that are already starving.

It’s at a boiling point.

So yes if you agree with me great and I would respect some more insight into the situation because our leaders are incompetent like I’ve stated numerous times in many of my articles.

What I’ve been personally doing on the side for the last week is gaining a lot of success and reward in my real life works that aren’t some corporate clock time in time out job.

First I have completed the website to Swamp Jam ! It is going to be a Music and Arts festival that is held right here in Northern New York. Best part is that a lot of people are going to be showing up because the bands and artisans that will be performing and vending. This is the first Music and Arts festival ever to happen in the Northern New York region, and is going to be a milestone for our society here in the upstate. Check the site out here, and if you have feedback and comments please leave them here at my blog because I haven’t set up a blog and comments section on the main swamp jam site yet.

Also I have been writing a lot, currently I have 3 5 tiered notebooks(no pun intended) all filled with passages and writings that I’m going to cycle and edit continuously until my three books are as complete and perfected as I naturally can perfect them.

So while I’m living the life that I’ve dreamt of living since I was a kid now I am being forced to go back into the corporate workforce where nobody is allowed to do what they naturally want to do .

Some people never would make an attempt and just live in the streets and do whatever it takes to get by, but me on the other hand I’m different.

I’m going to find a 9-5 job and work there until I can get a better platform to get my own personal works on a more solid foundation. It’s all about capital so I will work the job, and what is nice to know is that I have found 3 jobs already that will most likely be hiring me.

United Helpers as a CNA which would be great because that kind of training would be nice to have in all situations in life.

Stewart’s Shops Shop Manager/Shift Manager/Supervisor

Ara Shoes Inventory Manager

All three jobs will pay around $10.00 an hour and will allow for me to bust my ass working hard at a job that I necessarily don’t like, but will allow for me to better my foundations from were I create my own works.

Also within 3 months I will have the opportunity to work in the Gulf Coast Oil Disaster Clean Up. I really want to pursue this and do this kind of work for 6 – 12 months just for the pure humanitarian aspects of it. Plus that kind of work on a resume looks very good and makes great conversation with your future employers. The job pays $12.00/hr and are getting 12 hours a day 7 days a week. My brother Josh personally is making $950.00/wk while his company pays for everything(housing, transportation/food) I still joined the boycott BP group on Facebook because it’s rubbish what they’ve done to our planet. Me being a man and human naturally want to go clean the disaster on our land, but the people responsible for it in my eyes should be dealt harsh justice as mother nature would.

These are what have happened in my personal/worldly life lately, and haven’t had the opportunity to share anything with you guys in the last few weeks. A lot of us are being cut off and will never talk again because when the unemployment stops coming and no work then no internet. So good-bye and it was nice to have nice words with you all. This could also possibly be my situation but like I said before I have a great chance at finding employment. Just not what I do naturally for a living.

Thanks for reading everything I write and leaving great comments I truly don’t know what I would do without this blog and the random strangers that are ever usually so polite that stop by and leave intellectual comments.

Peace and have great lives, and maybe a few more articles or perhaps many many many more when I get my job.

P.S. one quick note:

How about someone else or even if someone can supply me with the time and resources starts an Unemployed Workers Foundation that will take over and lobby the government for everyone that has been shafted by the snake(feds). We will focus primarily on not only guaranteeing workers an unemployment compensation, but when that runs out we will lobby the government to pass the “living wage” legislation that will allow for all workers to have some kind of income no matter if there’s a recession, a fake bubble, or even a real free market expansion. Either way these are foundational ideas and please look into them and/or start them.


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2 Responses to Not a post in the last week or two… Start something great

  1. jeff says:

    Things will not get better until we hit Rock Bottom . Too many still dont believe the Global Conspiracy that is going on . Only the Shadow Government knows .
    We must cut the strings that control our puppet politicians or else suffer the consequences .

    • boblobslaw says:


      I agree basically because there is still too many “sheeple” even though i’ve tried to spread awareness through my books and articles it still hasn’t woken the “sleeping giant” up all the way. What i’m concerned with now is all the unemployed that are simply getting “chopped” off and won’t be heard from again, Or will they be heard from again? I have great feeling for the unemployed and the bottom of the deck kind of person, but when they are completely forgotten about they will simply not forget about the men/gov’t of man that have chopped them off the block. IT’s not the Tea Party that should be scaring governement… In all reality it should be the unemployed who still haven’t found one of those “Stimulus” jobs that Obama has passed and made the ecomomy so much better off. Ha what a joke, people seriously wake up.

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