Getting the web turned back on, and a new job. Humble thyself.

Haven’t been able to write frequently blah blah blah (bobloblaw) and im sure all of you that have been paying attention to this thread have noticed either way.

Lately I have been focusing on a hands on type of career that has a great aura about it. (besides the people I have to work with ofcourse)

The job I currently have been employed as is a Certified Nurse’s Aide, yes ! it’s true. Many people believe all I do is wipe but for 8 hours a day and that it takes a certainly “unique” person to do this job.

Well to clarify things, yes it is true I do wipe peoples buttocks frequently throughout the day, but it sure isn’t the only thing I do. I help these people with all aspects and angles of everyday life. All the while over looking them to make sure their medical/emotional/human desires are met to my greatest abiilities.

There is a man I have been working with for the last week, and he is on a schedule to be ambulated atleast 300+ feet a day. Nobody every followed through and helped ambulate him. Slowly leading to him degenerating into a weaker and weaker state progressively.

Most other nurse’s like to use the excuse that they’re “too busy” or that they aren’t “paid enough”, but not me. You see I got into this field of work because it is rewarding to see how much you really help people on a day to day basis.

Imagine if it was your loved one in need of this care, and to think of someone in my line of work as just a “but wipper” . Yeah well if nobody was to wipe these peoples behinds and make sure their hygeine needs are met then the “person” that needs this care would die within days. So it’s not so funny then is it?

Sometimes it’s questionable because our generation is going to have to work on our feet until we die (hence we’ll die on our feet) and at the same time the older generation we’re taking care of likes to think that we wouldn’t have anything at all if it wasn’t for their hard work that got us this far. Honestly I try not to go into this to deep for debate purposes because there are some dichotomies that would irratate both sides of the debate to the point of anhilation.

For people who can’t help themselves anymore, and for them to complain and bitch about my generation being lazy and complacent is a complete hypocritical understatement to say the least.

Social Securtiy, medicaide/medicare, nursing homes and care facilities will not be there for us hard working laborers that keep those facilities afloat today.

Our wages don’t add up to anything substantial enough so we’ll never get the treatment that we are currently giving to the spoiled generation.

I wanted to get on here and vent about it because it’s interesting how healthcare workers are treated.

People that aren’t in healthcare always expect that we are being paid so great and that they expect the best care in the world.

When reality hits and they realize they are just another human being that will be taken care of when it’s possible it discourages not only them but anyone they ever talk to again in their lives.

One bad experience and it ruins it for the whole gang.

People just need to be educated on the facts of the situations that are unfolding and have been going on for quite a few years now.

Let’s start with who does the most work and who gets paid the least.

Certified Nurse Aide = 90% of work load
Licensed Practical Nurse = 4% of work load
Registered Nurse = 4% of the work load (all done in a nice cozy office chair not to mention)
Doctor = 2 % of the work ( walk in/diagnosis/prescribe)

CNA Salary = $15,000 – $20,000 (about 90% are stuck at the lower end of that scale)
LPN Salary = $22,000 – 35,000 (about 50% are in the middle bracket for salary)
RN Salary = $50,000 – 90,000 (about 50% float in the median to upper bracket)
Doctor Salary = ( More than six digits )

Now as being a CNA and have grown up self educating about the healthcare system and about all the diseases and specific lingo they all use to sound smarter then the average joe has certainly taught me a lot.

I’ve only been on the job for a month and most residents, and other nurse’s a like already look at me as if im a Dr, and come to me with questions about certain problems that either they or a loved one may have.

For Example: A female coworker was worried about her son, and his girlfriend because she was urinating blood, and it was burning when they voided. So I gave her quick lesson about what a Urinary Tract Infection was, and to her amazment she couldn’t believe that I would be knowledgable on the subject.

So I told her to still have them see a doctor, but to get some Cranberry fruit pills from the vitamin section at in super market store.

A day later she came in and told me that the doctor told her the same identical thing I told her, and had her get the cranberry pills as well, but also prescribed the kids to cipro. Now I told her about the cipro before hand, but since it’s an anti-biotic there is no way I couldve prescribed it for her. Either way it’s an interesting story, and not only she and the situation has inspired me to want to go to med school.

It’s long hard work, and there are more and more malpractice suits occuring at greater rates, but I have a hypothesis for why this is occuring.

I have friends that have graduated as practitioners and RN all the way to PA, and their writing skills were no better than a 2nd grader. It’s no wonder there are more and more problems in the healthcare industry. If anyone can go through school and get that paper then next thing you know they have a practice, but really don’t have the real world knowledge or experience in what it takes to actually care for the general populace.

The ignorance, and apathy in the system will create the disenfranchisment of the populace away from healthcare all together. There are more and more people everyday especially males that say how they would never go to the doctor for anything because they will get sent home with more disease then they went in with.

I’m starting to believe it is my duty solely at this point to try and coutner this trend in the field because it seems that the apathy and complacency has completely worked.

People get degrees then automatically assume that they are the most intelligent and qualified people for the job and a lot of things get over looked because they let ego and the system get to their heads.

Alright I just had to get that out of my system for now,… thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments and messages because this is a very important discussion that nobody is having. That needs to be had. Once again thanks and please comment.

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