There’s got to be a way.

After writing endless articles about humanity and what ails us, I Nathan Griffith am going to attempt to find a way to unite humanity under a common banner. Many think tanks, philanthropists, and grand human beings alike have thought and progressively chased this cause for the last epoch, and furthermore. However problems constantly are arising where old ones are being solved. It’s a never ending puzzle, and most people only see chaos as a future means to all of our current endeavours. Well it can’t be say the ignorant apathetic ones, and the over indulged say they can’t wait for it. It being the grand closure to either this planet, or the entire universe as far as we can conceive of it. Such small minds thinking such big blunders is the amazing breakthrough. Since time began people have conjured the school of thought circled in the benevolent. However none of them have seemingly ever come to fruition. Is this because people’s basic emotion (fear, anxiety, lack of trust of each other) Nobody seems to pay attention to these seemingly overlapping circumstances that keep occurring. The most memorable are Y2K, and 911 (911 did come to fruition though). The wars are the longest wars our country has ever gotten into, and it’s no wonder because it takes 300+ people to make basic decisions. Whatever happened to monopolies being the greatest enemies to our nation instead of turban wearing locals thousands of miles away that have never heard of our land where we stay. Bizzaro land has become instant sanity land for those who like to keep a blind eye. Between people eating garbage for food always complaining about their health, and T.V. land it’s no wonder the zombie phenomena is coming to fruition if you see society through a certain lens, but of course the rabbit hole always goes deeper. Hollywood can only tell so much. It’s not like how it use to be, you know… when your parents would say ” It’s not real it’s only hollywood”. Well it’s still similar to that statement however it’s true. It just so happens to not be on the crust where we dwell live and work , its in under ground bunkers. I’m sure you’ve heard of the aliens that have lived in our crust for the last few millenia right? Well to catch you up on things all of this is real and it’s crazier then guano. All you have to worry about is being a human being though, and knowing the difference between right and wrong. The watchers are watching, and if you believe in the rights of god and man, you are the enemy. Cops are brutally beating our own kind down on a daily basis because they wanted to be the bully in school and couldn’t be because the real bad asses would stick up for the less fortunate. A lot of us know what its like to be in the wrong shoes and can’t do a thing about it. More people need to find more time even though our lifestyles have us so “busy” sitting on our couches eating potato chips and becoming more obese by the second. Sometimes it feels like there’s nobody else out there that can see the way that we should be seeing. Negativity has become the trend of the hour, and if your righteous then expect to be devoured.

About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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