Who’s running for office?

To those of you that have been paying attention to every word and detail that the mainstream/alternative media has been throwing down our ears for the last 10 – 20 years this is to you.

The bombardment has never been at such a frenzy. To begin with lets talk about the “flyers” that I have been receiving for whoever wherever about whatever. The problem is it’s taking too many trees and chemicals to create these damn things that I get at least 4-10 a day for the last month. After all whats the point in reading them… it’s like the colbert, or firggen stewart who in god’s name would trust any jew of the sorts ! report has taken over serious politik.

Us real dealers that know whats really going on, and have been so tired to the point that sleep can’t happen again know whats going to happen and you the sheeple can say and bah whatever you want about it.

Real libertarians and independents know the truth about the duoply snakehead. You all can be bent over and licked by it for the rest of your lives because the efforts countless of us have put in for the awakening of you ” the sleeping giant” has been quite a hard job and has gotten quite tiring.

So you’re an independent libertarian / communist manifesto loving piece of trash. So well you better wake up too because labels and specific language is actually what has gotten us here to this day. Imagine if none of us understood any of the language that they ” our politicos ” use. Thats right they redefine the words and make it sound all nice and schmoozy, and in reality in their ” terms ” they are slowly rubbing eachother behinds nonetheless their backs. Probably strokfesting right now as I write this because they have enough money to harvest half of the Adirondack forests to make sure we know that they can joke about eachother to all of us in the mail.

Well thanks, but next time please just keep it and let it grow because I already know the truth. Nothing is going to change. The only change that can happen is within each and every sovereign person. People need to stop being peons and stand up or else you’re about to keep getting stepped on.

Jesus christ, if I wasn’t close to him i’d probably sick him on all of you grunts for being so foolish. There will be a day and time where there will be too many of us and then and only then will it be over. Until then when in Rome do what romans do. Or just play the violin and watch the fire burn. Possibly piano, or any instrument that we have fashioned to play while society burns. I personally like bass and guitar, but clever clichés are still cool none the less.

Thanks for reading this loonabinge and please tune in again.

Won’t have another article for atleast 48 hours because I will be saving peoples lives.

About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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