Infractured Stringed Theory.

When I realized my words opened people’s eyes, is when I started speaking in phrases and tounges that made rhymes. When I say (war) it’s already been declared. The Invasions been sent into your inner ear lobes you hear? The canal didn’t have thick enough wax to support a defence. These words turn the populace into a psychological mass giant mess. More practical than space monkies who dubbed this track already again isn’t the language for it. Inspirational? the same old stories from the same old schools of thought. The ones that led us into this blunder surrounded by war and political thunder. While moms and dads get pigeoned holed to feed their sons and daughters. My residents tell me to go to hell, I respond ” I just got sent back from there for acting like a bat in it .” (Imagine that) Wipe ass, for now well yeah, but without an ad lib to tell you if this track makes it big, or even makes sense i’ll be in it with high spirits. John, David, Jesus, and YAH. Yeah they’ll all be there bigger than the bible. As a matter of fact jesus will rob you blind you eye sight you see fool. So pray to god I kill this architectural structures that paralyze us from taking the next leap forward. It’s the wisdom and the wishin of the mission to make us involve ourselves with this sensical blabical universal connectivness, and if humanity doesn’t become involved it will be the equivalent to the sleeping giant doing a dry cannon ball. Christians call it the rapture, but all this is is the new age raps sons. Cosmic Charlie’s get destroyed so the real trees of thought and prosperity can flourish into a forest of legitamate afterthought. After that thought, nevermind because I never lose a thousand thoughts on the track. telekinetic energy drove directly into the back of your head. You’re brains are my science lab. These conjurists have been adding up the wrong ingredients. So here I stand to put the end to it. Most already are, but bahng these latin derived speech’s have etched inside of them a universal thesis. After realization and the connections made then we can unite and re-enslay the monster that’s kept us disconnected from eachother for epochs and for almost a whole age. Monster that laid in wait, gets the lights casted on it and scare the demons back to its rabbit holes. I was sent here with the redemption pact that are capable of sending the bullies back before ancient epcohicles. So get caught up because it’s a small universe, and you’ll be even smaller. Believe it or not my friends hear what you say. It’s not about holding a grudge. It’s about not being a coward that sways. Learning how to not run and hide behind a cave. The day is coming and the giant knows this. The throne will be revealed, and the false kings of crop will all be sent back to heaven were they belong before too long. From here to kingdom come.

About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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2 Responses to Infractured Stringed Theory.

  1. Tabela says:

    wonderful, I really liked it very much … wonderful, I really liked it very much …

  2. Jeff S says:

    Bob . Were out here and listening . There s a lot of us out here just waiting for them to show the whites of their eyes . Then there will be hell to pay

    Jeff S

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