Playstation Network Down: Day (3) *Cries*: Update : Day (4) now 4/24/11, Uhm day (5): Is Sony CrAzY??

Day 5 now and still not one word. Read below, but I still just can’t fathom why they don’t keep us updated several times a day. They need to let us know to the full extent why they went from “shutting down the servers” to fully “suspending” them, and when we can expect to be back online. There are a lot of sony Plus custies that are up in arms over this because of what they get being “pay for online” customers. Either way we are their employers and they best keep us well informed of their PROGRESS! I’m not going to go all crazy like these weak fanboys that sell their consoles for $50.00 because of this mishap; Just to let someone like me re-sell it on ebay for near ISP. Either way Bare with us folks and add to my list of things to do while the Playstation Network is Down. Day 1 – 5. Covered here at boblobslaw blog !

Straight into day 4 and still nothing., someone please tell us something. I want a damn sony exec to write a comment to this article explaining everything before I get super samatic outta insanse (prodigy-reference).

Alright i’m going to do an article about this because SONY and playstation itself are going out of bounds on the rights of it’s users. Over the last 2 days SONY said it will be off completely for maintenance, and or possible infiltration through hacktivists, and i’ve heard a million other reasons through the wire. Really though when they say something to their consumer base they should probably stick to it, or keep us informed as we sail through the third day of “darkness” for some wired gamey boys who can’t seem to have a life outside of the box station.

So there are things you can do while the Playstation Network is down.

Play single player and get your trophy count up.
Go Bowling.
Drink a beer.
Find a physical friend.
See your family.
Talk to a therapist about your addictions’.
Make-out with your girlfriend/boyfriend.
Quit worrying about Playstation and the effect it’s having on your life.
Think about how life was before playstation.
Twiddle your thumbs.
Go swimming.
Do jumping jacks.
Push-up 20 times.
Write a short peice of literature about your horrible experience enduring the SONY Playstation Network 3 Day downfall.
Kiss your girlfriend/boyfriend; Oops already said it. Do it again anyways.
Tell your mother that life is good and that she did a great job.
Save some money, or intrinsic items.
Read a book.
Read my blog.
Read my freaking tweets.
Do something different.
Use your mind.
Alright i’m done.

Damn I want to play COD:BO ! HELP !


Alright just reporting the news as I see it through my own eyes.

When the network is turned back on I will do an article about that. However it won’t get as many views as this one because when it’s down all those fan boys jump into their comps automatically and go to google and search Playstation Network Down, Anon, Blah blah blah. Thanks for visiting Bobsloblaw, and hope you come by again soon.

Oh yeah something else you can do in the meantime is post your god-forsaken comments in the section provided below.

This is what is happening with playstation crazy fiends right now. Don’t let one get too close to you. Finding out bad news that the PSN is down.

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1 Response to Playstation Network Down: Day (3) *Cries*: Update : Day (4) now 4/24/11, Uhm day (5): Is Sony CrAzY??

  1. brandon says:

    i wish u guys would hurry up and fix the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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